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A playthrough of d4s’s 2014 FMV racing game for the SNES, Super Road Blaster.

Super Road Blaster is a homemade port of Data East’s 1985 Laserdisc-based arcade game, Road Blaster. It was later renamed Road Avenger and was ported to several consoles, though the only version of it to ever see an official North American release was Renovation’s 1993 release for the Sega CD.

The port was made possible by the development of the MSU-1 “enhancement chip,” which is essentially a memory mapper that enables access to larger amounts of storage memory than any official memory management chip provided for – up to a maximum of four gigabytes. It allows the SNES to have similar functionality to the Genesis with the Sega CD add-on, though it does not enhance the base SNES system’s abilities in any other way. Games coded for the MSU-1 can be played through the BSNES emulator and on real hardware through the SD2SNES flash cart.

It’s amazing to think that had Nintendo not screwed their development partners when they were working on the SNES CD-ROM addon, we might have seen commercially released games that looked like this. The video and sound quality are fantastic when you consider the system that this is running on, and really goes to show just how capable the SNES hardware really was. It’s a huge step up over the Sega CD version, and it’s not too far off of the excellent PS1 port in terms of quality.

Road Avenger was always an excellent game as far as interactive movies go. It’s entirely linear and after you’ve seen it once, you’ve seen it all, but the quality of the art and the exciting scenes make it something overall quite memorable.

This SNES version is homebrew, but I sti thought that this was an insanely cool demonstration of what could be done on the SNES, and I thought that a lot of people would enjoy seeing this retro throwback in such a novel form.

Hope you all enjoy it!
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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  1. yuvraj01

    Even so though if Nintendo wanted to they could have quite easily produced the add-on (Super Nintendo CD)without the need of Sony or Phillips…and in the end they were quite happy with the carts for the best part of a decade….

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