Super Nintendo SNES 2 (Model SNS-101) – Gaming Historian

The Gaming Historian takes a look at the SNES 2 model SNS-101, an updated version of the Super Nintendo. This console was smaller and lighter than the original, but was it worth it?

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35 Replies to “Super Nintendo SNES 2 (Model SNS-101) – Gaming Historian”

  1. Alexander Jürgen

    The wii mini is supposed to be a hack proof Wii. No one should own it unless you are taking it to a cabin or some shit. I gotten my Wii for 40 dollars but downloaded FE path of radiance, PM 1000 year door, and so on. I've got 1000's of dollars worth of vintage games for free in under 6 hours. Just get a regular Wii and a SD card then mod it. All you gotta do is drop a couple files on the SD card and BOOM, you won't ever have to buy a old game again unless you're a collector.

  2. Tyler Bergen

    As soon as I thought “well it’s not for people who already have a working SNES…”, you mentioned “it wasn’t m

    You are too nice and PC lol…I wouldn’t have worded the “marketing strategy”, like yourself.

    “So who is the SNES 2 geared towards?…those too cheap to put money for a modern day culture.. (photo of the Star of David and dollar signs followed by baby chickens and pigeons “cheap cheap! jew jeeeew”) or those that are on a budget (cue a picture of a whiskey tango kid in a trailer playing in his overalls with no shirt…on a black and white TV)…Nintendo was truly getting everything they could out of the system (pictures of Mario counting coins and putting them in his wallet labeled “Nintendo”).

    See now that’s how you should have done it. It would’ve put a humorous spin on the likelihood of buyers (cheap cheap, and whiskey tango poories from the trailer park) and their goal for making the SNES 2 (money, and more money).

    People try to hard to not offend these days. I say fuck that and we shouldn’t go out of our way overthinking everything. If people don’t like it they can go fuck themselves. See if they aim the ads towards Jewish people, then they’ll be so “offended” (like with everything) they will spend the extra money on a relatively inexpensive new product.

  3. Liberated Amon

    i got mine just because the store had the 2nd model and not the first. Why never a front loader without the stupid push down feature that gave front loading a bad rap? I don't like top loaders and their inability for stacking.

  4. Craziest Atheist

    This SNES Jr ended up being the best Super Nintendo. It can output a superior picture than any of the “one chip” models. A simple RGB mod allows you to output the sharpest picture possible. I own one and it’s beautiful.

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