Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Glitches (SNES) – Son Of A Glitch – Episode 37

In this episode, we take a look at Yoshi’s Island and boy, are there some hilarious glitches!

Glitches –
1. 1-1 Warps ( Worlds 2-1, 2-4, 3-1, 4-7, 5-4 )
2. Clipping Glitches
3. Zombie Yoshi/ Lives Underflow Glitch
4. Fuzzy Menu
5. Koopa Stuck In The Hill
6. Compressed Blocks In 2-1
7. Super Bounce
8. Blast Off – Hookbill Boss
9. Tongue Glitch – Checkpoints
10. Tongue Glitch Big Egg World 3-3 Skip
11. Message Box Glitches
12. Eat Baby Mario
13. 6-6 Tongue Key Through Wall Trick
14. 3-8 Enemy Softlock
15. Sliding Piranha ( 2-2 )
16. Null Egg Glitch
17. Magical Journey Glitch
18. Bowser Flipped / Sprite Glitch

Awesome Yoshi’s Island People / Speedrunner’s who inspired this episode –
Carl Sagan –
Trihex –
Nathaniel Dale –
mt76907 –
Thecrispy22 –
Hyperzoot (Huge glitch contribution) –

A+Start with Andy
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42 Replies to “Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Glitches (SNES) – Son Of A Glitch – Episode 37”

  1. SemixGamerZ

    I tried doing the some of these glitches with the Nintendo Switch's SNES. When I tried the crash with the save ring glitch in 1-7 after Yoshi glitches, I exited the level and…
    the software crashed.

  2. XPGaming

    6:05 I was playing this on the VC on the switch and IT CRASHED THE WHOLR APP. Normally it just says (an error occured so the software closed) just like normal, but never the whole app. This was different. It is clearly a bad crash

  3. Yoshimaster96smwc

    One thing you glossed over when explaining the 1-1 warp glitch is that it can take you to areas other than 1-1.

    Basically the reason why this glitch works has to do with something called screen exits. Essentially, each 16×16 tile region of a map (which is referred to as a screen by modders) can be assigned one unique exit. It just so happens that the two example warps are close to a screen boundary, so by moving slightly before it triggers, you can be on an adjacent screen which doesn't have a warp specified. So you end up getting taken to X position 0000, Y position 0000, in level ID 00 (1-1).

    By using this knowledge, it's possible to warp to other areas of a level early. For example, in 2-8, when you enter the room with the spiky floor and the arrow platform, you can re-enter the pipe and jump like you mentioned to trigger the exit for the pipe above, skipping that room entirely. (There are a few other examples too, but I'm too lazy to find them right now)

  4. Charles Haxell

    I have a little trick for you in 4-1 at the start where the 2 piranha plants are if you take them out and eat a green shell and fire it at the 2 pipes where the shy guys come out you can get infinite lives

  5. Kirk Arnold

    I discovered the first glitch when I was a kid (the World 4-7 version). No one I knew ever heard of it or knew how it got there so I felt super smart for a while, haha. Good to finally after all these years hear the explanation for it!

  6. Elrick King

    I remember this game fondly, my aunt hide my snes cartdrige because she couldt bare to hear baby mario crying over and over, I was still learning the mechanics of the game and I wasnt good avoiding getting touch by the enemy, it was around 97/98, I was sad because all our games where expensive, my other aunt send us the snes and the games from USA to our country for her son (my cousin) because she was going to buy an n64 for her other children un the US, she eventually gave us the cartdrige and I was relieved that it werent stolen because my cousin was angry, so I played it a lot and she watched me playing and eventually she asked me to play too (she played duck hunt and mario 1 in the early 90s but she wasnt hooked up to gaming yet) so to make the story short she became addicted and she finished all "mario all stars" games, yoshis island 1 and 2, the donkey kong trilogy etc etc she is 56yo now and live in Los Angeles, Im planing to modify and send her an SNES mini lol, she will be addicted to the games again.

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