Super Mario Maker 2 for Nintendo Switch

The highly anticipated and demanded “Super Mario Maker 2” is now on the Nintendo Switch… and yes, it does have slopes!
It’s coming soon… maybe in…. never?

I just want to say a big thanks from you all for the both highly viewed “Super Mario Maker” and “Super Mario Maker 3D” videos! As the months have gone by I read each comment and request and recently I decided to put them all together in 1 big finale of a “trilogy” of the Super Mario Maker series. So, as a thank you, I tried to remove the complaints from the previous two videos and add as many requests as I could into a “sequel”

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  1. Benosaurus

    Just want to say this nice and early, if this ever bangs, which it wont lets be honest haha, that this video is FAKE , I'm unfortunately not associated with Nintendo in any shape or form. Im sorry for the lack of uploads but this is the reason why, I have spent honestly the last 2 weeks planning and editing this trailer to the best of my ability. Any requests or recommendations that you had for me in my first and second "Maker" videos have now become a reality and I have decided to bundle them all up and appropriately call it a sequel. 3D? Yes. Luigi? You got it! More Themes? Hell yeah and much much more!

    Making the original two trailers has helped me expand my editing and made me enjoying editing even more then I did before making those projects into a reality. I hope you enjoyed this trailer and the little end to this "Super Mario Maker" trilogy that I have done haha! I do appreciate all the feedback, all the requests and all the "FAKE" and "Text is going to fast" – I did read all the comments so any feedback or request has been added into this trailer and I felt all the new additional content made this more of a "sequel" in comparison to a "deluxe".

    Right Im gonna shut up now as you all probably didnt even read this! Thanks for watching the 10 of you and hope you enjoyed it!

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