Super Mario Kart (SNES) Playthrough [60FPS]- NintendoComplete

A complete playthrough of Nintendo’s 1992 racing phenom, Super Mario Kart. This epic game established an entirely new genre (not exactly a first for Mario), with a series still going strong today on Nintendo’s current systems.

A complete classic, regardless of how later installments influence your opinion! This playthrough goes through each circuit on the 100cc class mode, and upon completion goes through the then unlocked 150cc mode. I used each character throughout.

Watch the video at 720p to see it running at 60 fps.

No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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44 Replies to “Super Mario Kart (SNES) Playthrough [60FPS]- NintendoComplete”

  1. Mike C

    Notice how Toad got picked on in this game by only placing 1-4 with only 3 of the 8 racers including himself while everyone else placed 1-4 at least 4 or more times… **Koopa Troopa only places 1-4 with 3 of the racers including himself as well but you can get him to place 4th while playing Luigi as long as you knock out Bowser in final lap of first race so he continues to make it 4th the rest of the way

  2. Tomas Juro Gutierrez


    Mario's Circuit 1.
    Donut Plains 1
    Ghost Valley 1.
    Bowser's Castle 1.
    Mario's Circuit 2.
    Tournament Win.

    Chocolate Island 1.
    Ghost Valley 2.
    Donut Plains 2.
    Bowser's Castle 2.
    Mario's Circuit 3.
    Tournament Win.

    Koopa Beach 1.
    Chocolate Island 2.
    Vanilla Lake 1.
    Bowser's Castle 3.
    Mario's Circuit 4.
    Tournament Win.

    Donut Plains 3.
    Koopa Beach 2.
    Ghost Valley 3.
    Vanilla Lake 2.
    Rainbow Road.
    Tournament Win.

  3. Tumblevveed

    I got one of these back in the 90s. Played Mario Kart A lot. Used to have the big Joystick Controller PadΒ for the SNES andΒ I could beat this game playing with my feet on that thing.Β  We had to try something new since it got so easy to beat by hand. Then Mario Kart 64 came out which I think was even more awesome and very competitive with 4 players.Β We still have the 64 and regular NES but ill never know what happened to the good oldΒ SNES.

  4. Bryce Castle

    It might be cuz I suck but I skid all over the place when I drift. If I get anywhere near the edge of the course or a lake I fall over/in. I get coins in 8th place. And how the hell did this guy drive through blockades and over the water without jumping like that?

  5. Ikari Shojo

    If had to rate the console Mario Kart based on opinion… (Not counting Super Circut, DS or 7 because I have never played those unfortunately ?) it would go as follows:

    5) Mario Kart Wii
    4) Super Mario Kart
    3) Mario Kart 64
    2) Mario Kart 8
    1) Mario Kart Double Dash

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