Super Mario Galaxy at 1080p! Official Nintendo Wii Emulator Analysis – Tegra X1/Shield TV Gameplay

How might Wii games run on Switch? Well here’s a potential answer – with Nintendo’s support we have Super Mario Galaxy officially running on an Nvidia Shield TV – using the same Tegra X1 part as its hybrid console. This is thanks to a very accomplished emulator running behind the scenes, though there are plenty of pros and cons to this approach as Tom and Rich discuss.

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26 Replies to “Super Mario Galaxy at 1080p! Official Nintendo Wii Emulator Analysis – Tegra X1/Shield TV Gameplay”

  1. MrSoggyjocks

    Can you imagine what could happen if Nintendo released official HD emulators for each console in its history on the switch. With its back catalogue of awesome games that can only be found on a Nintendo system, it could be a game changer. HD GoldenEye, the good Mario party games, GameCube fzero. All the Zelda games should be on switch, hand held and console versions. Surely the big N can monetize that.

  2. sonichuizcool

    Why is it so hard to get GameCube games on modern hardware? I admit it. I was a young little graphic snob back then. I looked at the gamecube and dismissed it as Xbox was Superior in performance.

    I never thought about the Nintendo exclusive game experience. I've paid my debt for my ignorance. Please someone make this shit run like a Nintendo title should on something modern.

  3. The Fishkeeper

    As much as I would love an HD 60fps port of Super Mario Galaxy (My favourite game of all time), I can't imagine it playing well on the Switch since it's pointer controls are a lot less accurate than a Wii Remote and having to use an analog stick for the cursor would be incredibly slow and tedious…

  4. Shadowbonnie7

    Nintendo was willing to remake their greatest games ever, updating the quality and remapping the controls…
    And then they only released it in ONE country. Thanks for the big middle finger Nintendo.

  5. legoboy7107

    The Switch does make use of pointer controls, however it's not with the IR camera as far as I know, it's with the gyroscope. World of Goo uses these pointer controls on the Switch.

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