Super Castlevania IV vs Castlevania Bloodlines – SNES, Genesis – Game vs Game

Castlevania is a staple of retro gaming, Super Castlevania IV introduced the franchise to the Super Nintendo and to the 16-bit world, but Castlevania Bloodlines introduced it to the Sega Genesis and a whole new market. How do these two titans of action platformers compare?

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  1. Dan J

    I always liked both but felt a little contrarian by saying that, gun to my head, I preferred Bloodlines. I liked the variety that Bloodlines gave you, even if Super Castlevania 4 felt more like "Castlevania" and was a better successor to Castlevania 3/reboot of Castlevania 1. The only real issue with Bloodlines is that the story feels like a "dead end." I loved that it took place against the backdrop of World War I. It made sense in that universe that the evil spawned by the "War to End All Wars" would inadvertently summon Dracula. I loved how they worked Elizabeth Bathory (who really was related to Vlad Dracula) and Bram Stoker's novel into the game's lore. It was just a little annoying that there didn't seem to be much sequel potential.
    Then came "Portrait of Ruin" on the DS, and I really enjoyed that game – even if it, too, didn't really go anywhere. That one's an underrated gem. Again, it made sense that the evil spawned by World War II would revive Dracula.
    Great games. When these two compete, everybody wins.

  2. Jay Shepherd

    You did a very good job of reviewing the two. Pretty rare that I agree so closely with a review. I do feel that Bloodlines' kooky bosses are a bit too wacky compared to the rest of the series design. The sprocket boss comes to mind. There's a lot of little missteps in Bloodlines, like the janky whip sound effects, Erik's hair color changing, and foot positioning that's not quite right sometimes, but overall I seem to have more fun playing it than I do 4. Granted, I grew up playing 4, and tried Bloodlines for the first time only a month ago. It's difficult for me to admit that because I have such a love for 4, but the pace of Bloodlines is just great.

  3. Claire Pendragon

    Up front, I dislike Castlevania games, and Never played either of these games, nor the NES games.
    With that said, this video seems rather biased as heck.
    It pretty much sounded like you were voting for SC4 in almost every moment, except level design, and yet kept surprising us with CB as yoru choice.
    Which you had made pretty obvious from the start you liked more.
    So IMO, the comparisons were a bit tainted with your bias. (Not that this can always be overcome, but felt like I should mention, since out of the videos ive watched of yours prior, this was the most noticeable in bias.)

  4. Rodzilla97

    i'll take Super Castlevania 4. the 8 way whip is the best thing the series did imo. also you get unlimited continues, so you can beat the game for sure. Bloodlines is even longer, but with only 2 continues. way way way too freakin hard just like contra hard corps. that really kills those games for none mega elite skilled players. i also like the graphics sound and overall vibe of SC4 better. is there a hack of bloodlines with unlimited continues, or something like the awesome hack of hard corps where you get 2 hit points, 10 lives, and 5 continues?

  5. Devilz DandruFF

    Bloodlines was better in virtually every aspect. Only the soundtrack is debatable since it is a matter of taste. However, the audio quality was better on the Genesis, the graphics, animations, level design, enemy design.. all far better on the Genesis. The game also runs flawlessly on the Genesis.. the SNES has its typical frame rate dips all over the place. Bloodlines is a better game all the way around.

  6. MetalMikey

    I enjoyed Bloodlines more cause to me Castelvania 4 had boring music during alot of the stages. Now don't get me wrong I still like Castlevania 4 too buuut not as much as I love Bloodlines.

  7. Sandro Ribeiro

    Castlevania 4 on Snes is better for me. Musics are incredible, gameplay not frenetic because is a game with action, jumps and beautiful scenario. Aged better than bloodlines. Bloodlines have mkr action, it's true but super castlevania it's superior in my opinion.

  8. nbttl 1

    Castlevania IV was always boring to me, way to easy. Bloodlines was my personal favorite with the extra character and challenge. Rondo was great, and I'm glad they re-released it on PS4.

  9. Waverider117

    IV is better. The soundtrack is incredible, the controls are the best in the classic series and the game has visually aged well. Not to mention the game gets harder overtime, as oppose to the WHOLE adventure being overly-challenging. Bloodlines is definitely a good game but IV is superior in my opinion.

  10. Sinn0100

    Hey I was listening to the soundtracks again and…the Genesis is actually really bad. You can hear a problem with the sound output almost breaking at points. Listen to the Bloodlines music comparison very carefully and you will hear it. I know I prasied the Genesis earlier and its no mystery that I am not a Nintendo fan…I do however love games. The Snes cersion of Castlevania was my favorite one up until Symphony of the Night and importing a Turbo Duo for Rondo of Blood in the mid 90's.

    I actually own far too many copies of both Symphony of the Night and Rondo of Blood. I own a black label and Greatest Hits Symphony of the Night as well as on the Xbox 360/One/One X, and now PS4/PRO. I own the PC Engine Rondo of Blood and on the PS4/PRO and of course Dracula X on the Snes…boy Konami saw me coming. 😉

  11. Sinn0100

    First and foremost, your content is probably some of the best and well thought out on YouTube. I really enjoyed this video and I will be watching more of your videos. As an older gamer that grew up with these I always felt that Bloodlines while good, was always less than Castlevania 4. I thought the graphics and sound were decent but not even close to what the Genesis could truly output. Looking at games like Thunder Force IV and Streets of Rage 2 showed that the Genesis had some major chops when it came to graphical capabilities that towards the end of its life span, developers seemed to forget.

    At any rate, I wish Konami would stop messing around and give us a Castlevania compilation collection. I would lice to see Castlevania, Castlevania 2, Castlevania 3, Castlevania 4, Castlevania Bloodlines, Castlevania Rondo of Blood, and Symphony of the Night on one collection. Furthering this, I would live to see the first 5 games get a face lift in order to match both Rondo and Symphony of the Night.

    Lastly, the release of Rondo in Japan and on the PC Engine only really made me very angry with Konami. We had several great machines that could have done it justice. From the Sega CD (should have happened) to an actual cart release for the Genesis would have been great…not to mention the Saturn or PSX are practically no brainers…alas we are talking about idiot Konami who has squandered every last geeat property they gave ever had on….fucking pachinko machine's and stupid cellphone games for the idiot cellphone only crowd.

  12. Dr. Lava's Lost Pokemon

    Hey GvG, you told me to check out your channel, so here I am. I'm a huge Castlevania fan actually, I beat the original on NES about 400 times in my attempts to get the world record a few years back. Ended up about 45 seconds short of my goal. Anyway, good video — you gettin back to doin videos on a regular basis?

  13. Cool Coyote

    have to mention that the sega master system which i had was miles better than the nes, only had 300 games, nes had 714, but nes graphics was bland or washed out. sms was rich in colour . where as the snes was much brighter and in the main had better colours than the smd but that didnt mean anything in some games as the smd looked a lot better most of the time. it just doesnt always workout that snes has better graphics and sound which it does technically speaking. for this game id have to go with mega drive or genesis.

  14. GamingGuy800

    The reason why it was called Castlevania The New Generation in Europe was I believe due to strict laws in Europe at the time that didn't allow for both blood and gore as well as all other related things to not be in their world of gaming at the time!

  15. Oldschool Gamer82

    spoken very diplomatic – but as an absolute fan of Bloodlines an Michiru Yamanes Compositions, i have to agree, that Super Castlevania IV has some points, that goes above Bloodlines. For me, the Soundtrack of Bloodlines is unbeatable for CV IV, but the most (not all) SFX are better on the SNES.

    btw: Michiru Yamane is a very nice person too, once i wrote her on facebook on her birthday with best wishes and thanked her for the outstanding soundtracks in Konami-Games… and yeah, i got a short but nice massage back.

    Yes, i alway think the best Simons Theme is the one that can be found in Bloodlines Soundtest.

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