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A playthrough of Hudson Soft’s 1996 puzzle-action game for the Super NES/Super Famicom, Super Bomberman 4.

Played through the “normal mode.”

The fourth installment in the Super Bomberman series picks up where the third left off in most respects. Much like SBM2 was an incremental upgrade over SBM, SBM4 is over SBM3. The shift to anime-style graphics, drum-heavy electronic music, and animals to ride are still here, but have been tweaked and updated in various ways. It plays just as well as 3, but personally, I found it to be not quite as charming or compelling as the third. The mechanics updates (upgradable monsters, trapper Bomberman helpers) did spice things up, but they feel far more like unnecessary additions than the improvements made in prior games did. The presentation is great and I really love the improved cinematics, but the fourth game just never grabbed me the way the first three did. That’s merely my personal opinion though – many would argue that this is an absolute upgrade in all respects. If you are on the fence, just give it a play already. If you love Bomberman, it’s still more of the same, and that’s not a bad thing.

Super Bomberman 4 was also the first of two games in the series to not be released outside of Japan (the other being the fifth and final Super Bomberman title), and the second game of three to not be released in North America. It’s very import friendly, though. There’s very little Japanese text in the game, and even it isn’t really necessary since it only provides the stage names. As long as you understand basic English, it’s a snap to play.
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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  1. Inçn't. Snqųl

    How can I forget the afternoons, I remember that sometimes my neighbors played, father. Because I was poor, He gave me the idea to emulate the Super Nintendo .., I lived 9 years .. I was born in 2008, but still I know that some Japanese A child American I play this Cartridge .., I am 12 & I know when I grow up I will never forget this & Super mario world. 60% of the games in their time, did not pass them Ah reach their feet, I say all this Because if someone lived this, I am willing to sell my soul for him .. I am Peruvian, & Many people like me Apart from Latin America Suffers Poverty, the emulation for More illegal it is, It was always a flower in the heart of people like me who hangs without mercy, .. Vendito is the one who has touched His command of the snes, I praise it would be For me :') ♡.

  2. Amanda LY

    Here's a tip: First things first, get the glove. Now, place down a bomb and just before the bomb explodes, grab it. you can carry it around for as long as you want. Just throw it next to an enemy and he's a goner for sure since the bomb will explode almost instantly. I used to do this all the time and it's guaranteed win in battle mode.

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