STRADMAN C8 CORVETTE vs TESLA * 2020 Chevy Corvette C8 vs Tesla Model 3 Performance * PLUS TESTS

We take out TheStradman’s brand new 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 3LT Z51 for some performance testing and run into a Tesla Model 3 Performance trying to cause trouble. Included is full Corvette C8 performance tests using the Dragy including 0-60 MPH, 60-130 MPH, 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile test results.
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41 Replies to “STRADMAN C8 CORVETTE vs TESLA * 2020 Chevy Corvette C8 vs Tesla Model 3 Performance * PLUS TESTS”

  1. Dadi Macak

    I hate to say, but front of corvette is like Lamborghini, and what i would like to see that Gm fires their graphical designer, and person who design cars for a stealing styling of another cars. If graphical designers was going to school for designing stuff, than they should have brain to get idea of a cars, its easy to say its corvette behind a Lambo style, or It's ford behind Aston Martin styling.

  2. Hillslam

    So. Tesla vs Corvette. Near even on the drag – which is Tesla's one trick – with passenger and full luggage. Wasn't expecting that.
    Then… which yuotubers never show – the rest of the envelope: the Corvette is way faster via much higher top speed, turns and handles way better, stops way better, handles track duties way better, can do launch after launch after launch and lap after lap after lap all day, is far more moddable, has a far nicer and actually driver appreciating and engaging interior, LOOKs way better….

    The Tesla certainly gets groceries better, and doesn't really need you driving it. Or probably even wants you driving it.

  3. 992 TURBO S

    Let’s be clear ! When Tesla does a download it’s no different then a Remap of a petro engine to a stage 1/2/3. Lets be fair put a stage 2 tune on the C8. As the Tesla has had 2 Downloads (remapped)

  4. Juan Antonio

    So, 2 people in the car, bags, a huge spoiler and a normal road yet still
    60ft= 1.78 sec
    0-60 mph (0-96 kmh)= 3.37 sec
    1/4 mile= 11.53 sec 118.63 mph (190.87 kmh)
    There is already a video of it doing 11.20 sec 1/4 mile in the dragstrip, but the trap speed wasn't said. It will be great to see the C8 run here on the drag strip, without the passenger, without the big wing and see what it does.

  5. S B

    Hang on! GM claim 0-60 in 2.9 secs and an 11.2 quarter. It should be bitch slapping a Model 3. Is GM lying about performance numbers? Did they achieve them by dropping it out of a plane? Or is the Tesla just so much faster then Elon said it was.

  6. clyde moreno

    After watching a ton of C8 content., I've noticed one glaring constant. Every time the C8 falls short, the excuse follows immediately: "but look at the price point". That being said, I am a huge Corvettte fan, I own an older Vette and I will probably never own a C8. I just feel like the C8 isn't what I was hoping for, especially considering the mid engine milestone. Cool video from a couple of cool guys who have more money than sense. All of the preceding IMHO, ofcourse. Happy shelter in place and peace!

  7. John Schofield

    My understanding is that the Corvette is geared really low (numerically high) which results in quick 0-60 mph but acceleration starts to slow a little by the quarter-mile because of the gearing.

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