State of Play – May 9, 2019 | PlayStation

State of Play returns for a new episode on Thursday May 9th at 3pm PT (6pm ET). There will be around 10 minutes of PS4 updates and announcements, with PlayStation Worldwide Studios showing off an extended look at MediEvil, as well as a first look at a new title.

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  1. ox dc

    hi playstation
    we miss you, hopefully it's always successful and victorious. forgive us who can't afford the latest playstation, we can't, we are poor people, but at least we still have playstation2 that we turn to play hahahahahaha. yeah, the newest games starting from Playstation 3 and 4, we were only able to see it on YouTube because we don't have the Playstation.hmmm?

  2. Keith Ewell

    PlayStation should make a game like dbz tournament of power when it’s up to 10 teams up to 8 players on a team and everyone has powers but some are stronger than others and you gotta work together to take them down or be strong enough to beat them for your team

  3. Beloved Warrior

    You now what Away reminds me of, there was this one game called Dangerous Creatures (I think) where you played as either a Tarantula or a Scorpion. The game was basically you going out and hunt but while doing that the location you are in had scenes playing in the background. The scenes was of a drug deal and the reaction of some of the people involved.

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