Spiritfarer – Gameplay Trailer – Nintendo Switch

`**Available in 2020 on Nintendo Switch!** Spiritfarer is a cozy management game about dying. You play Stella, ferrymaster to the deceased, a Spiritfarer. Build a boat to explore the world, then befriend and care for spirits before finally releasing them into the afterlife. Farm, mine, fish, harvest, cook, and craft your way across mystical seas. Join the adventure as Daffodil the cat, in two-player cooperative play. Spend relaxing quality time with your spirit passengers, create lasting memories, and, ultimately, learn how to say goodbye to your cherished friends. What will you leave behind?

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34 Replies to “Spiritfarer – Gameplay Trailer – Nintendo Switch”

  1. Arina Weber

    Im nintendo gibt es nur die englische Version. Bei steam gibts auch eine deutsche Version.

    unfortunately only the english version in the nintendo shop. steam also has the german version

  2. LuisMa Suárez Gutiérrez

    So a game about accepting death? In the middle of a pandemic?
    I'd like to shake the game designer's hand.
    Thank you for creating this. The world needs it.
    But hmm this might trigger people who are mourning or actively caring for dying people.

  3. Sammy Wood

    A lot of people ignored this at E3, but it really stood out for me. The artstyle, music and gameplay looks so smooth and it makes me feel cozy and relaxed. I cannot wait for this to come out

  4. Inferubim

    "Spiritfarer is a cozy management game about dying." This game already opens strong with this sentence alone. I'll keep this game in mind and check it out when it comes out!

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