Spider-Man PS4 vs Batman: Arkham Knight | Gameplay COMPARISON!

► Batman: Arkham Knight vs Spider-Man PS4 Comparison

Spider-Man PS4 from Insomniac Games seems to be on everyone’s minds – and for good reason! There have been many superhero games in the past, but of those – only a select few have passed the fandom test. Of those favored titles includes the iconic Batmam Arkham series, so the comparisons between the two were inevitable. But how does the upcoming Spider-Man game truly stack up? We’ve got the video analysis right here! Subscribe to see the rest of my #SpiderManPS4 videos!

• Spider-Man PS4 Ending:
• Meeting a Fake Spider-Man in Spider-Man PS4:
• History of Spider-Man Games:
• Spider-Man PS4 All Suits:

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32 Replies to “Spider-Man PS4 vs Batman: Arkham Knight | Gameplay COMPARISON!”

  1. Pham Boy10

    Overall Batman was cool for having the batmobile, but it has a huge problem with frames. Spider-Man has a better story and better overall gameplay mechanics. Batman has a much better partner system than Spider-Man does, if you compare Spider-Man teaming up with Black cat and Batman teaming up with Catwoman, Catwoman was much more hands on and actually playable. But overall Spider-Man is a much better game, being able to see both sides of Spider-Man and Peter Parker was really nice and I loved that they threw in so much of Peter. Batman on the other hand barely had anything to do with Bruce as a character and focused more on Batman. Story wise we all know that Batman’s story was much weaker than Spidey’s.

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