Spider-Man PS4 – Final Boss Fight (Spiderman Game 2018) PS4 Pro

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Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 2018 game Final Boss Dr Otto Octavius & Peter Parker in new black costume

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43 Replies to “Spider-Man PS4 – Final Boss Fight (Spiderman Game 2018) PS4 Pro”

  1. JSRbowling595

    Even though Otto ended up being the bad guy, I can't help but feel a little sorry for him in the ending when he's just lying there and he keeps calling for Peter. He feels hurt that Peter wouldn't let him have his revenge. And Peter feels hurt because he looked up to Otto, and Otto almost destroyed the city. Peter feels crushed because he desperately wanted to help Otto, but at the end he started to feel like it wasn't possible.

  2. Robens Monteau

    Doc Oc to Peter: You haven't suffered like I've suffered?

    Me: If you know that he's spider man, you know how much I'm A; About to lose, B; Already lost, and C; Gone up against so far.

  3. RevelationGames

    Its sad that other games that build up hype then ruin it do that. This games final boss expresses emotions and the face movements are in sync with the emotions. Other games that are being made needs more love from the developers. The graphics are amazing as well, overall enjoyed the entire game and dlc.

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