Special Episode – 2019 Nissan Leaf e+ Impressions from NAIAS Detroit!

Special Episode – 2019 Nissan Leaf e+ Impressions from NAIAS Detroit!

January 14, 2019

A focus on the newly announced Nissan Leaf e+, with an interview with Nissan USA Director of Marketing and a quick look at the enhanced Infotainment System!

Main differences from the 40kWh version:
Battery Pack: 62kWh
Fast Charging: up to 100kW, 70kW average (where supported)
Motor: 160kW
Torque: 250 ft-lb/350 nm
Infotainment: 8-inch screen, more responsive, OTA updates

My thanks to Nissan Canada for inviting me!

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18 Replies to “Special Episode – 2019 Nissan Leaf e+ Impressions from NAIAS Detroit!”

  1. Annamarie Bohus

    Ken, after reading some of the other comments here, I must mention that I really appreciate that you give honest, unbiased, intelligent opinion, news, and updates, NOT sensationalist diatribes like so many of YouTubers are doing. That is why I subscribe to you, and support you, and NOT them. Your integrity puts you far above the rest. Kudos, and please don't ever change !!

  2. Electric Swede

    A big problem with ChaDeMo is that the infrastructure in Europe now is fully set to expand CCS and ChaDeMo will fall back and become much more uncommon. In a couple of years, there will be a big disadvantage to have ChaDeMo than CCS. :/ The Ionity network only have CCS….

  3. M Carter

    Thanks for this. Some might differ as to whether CHAdeMO is a standard at this point – I think Nissan and Mitsubishi are the only companies still using it for forthcoming products. It would be fascinating to hear the details of their 100kW-capable DCFC build-out plan (requires >= 275A?), since I have to use non-Nissan associated chargers to get the full 50kW rate on a 2017. Do you feel there is a trust issue with Nissan? At what price levels would these 3 models be competitive with other brands? What company is their charging station partner for 100kW? The Leaf is a solid, well-built car – just wish we didn't redline the battery temp on our 200-400mi. trips.

  4. IMHO

    @3:30 it seems like he’s trying to say that since there is more battery capacity (62 kWh vs 40 kWh), the battery will charge and discharge at a lower C-rate, which will of course create less of a temperature change in the battery pack.

    The “chemistry difference” is most likely just using high CAPACITY/ low ENERGY cells because the added kWh will make up for lower power density.

    I think at this point all we can do is wait until the Leaf gets in the hands of those who will push it to the limits.

    And the price. The price is very important. Right now you can get a 40 kWh leaf with 100,000 mile degradation warranty for $30k, or $0.30/mile till the warranty ends. If Nissan bumps up the warranty to 120k miles, for a $35k Leaf, then it’s still $0.30/mile of warranty.

    Maybe someone in a cold climate that is getting winter range anxiety on his commute will benefit greatly from this bigger battery.

  5. Chris Till

    Interesting what he says about lessening the heat problem with the new battery, but just put liquid cooling in the car. And the screen still doesn’t look that impressive. It seems as if Japanese cars tend to have the worst infotainment.

  6. DersimLondon

    1: you gave him a very easy pass on the battery cooling tech which would be massive factor on people buying this car, if they believe in it so much they should give a solid 10 Year 100,000 mile warranty.

    2: I would be pissed if I bought this last year to have and to have the Streo updated to much, why not have this released with last years 40kwh model, not like it’s an amazing update. Just shows last years model was a stop gap. The 2019 model should of been out last year with the two battery versions.

    3: why not just give out prices, can’t be that difficult. If I had to have choice of of Kia e-Niro / Kona Ev or this I know I go for the vehicle with liquid active cooling battery, longer range, probably cheaper and longer warranty version.

    Also when The cheaper model 3 comes out Nissan Leaf will be some for.

    I can see the depreciation of this car to be crazy after 2/3 years.

    If you get a good enough lease deal worth it. Other wise I would give it a pass.

  7. Gilles Pelletier

    Very nice interview. I learned a lot more on new features than all the others chanel. Ken you beat them all!
    First on new battery's chemistry and hands on on the infotainment with its new look also full info on OTA update capabilities. Job well done!

  8. McGoo x

    Leaf Gen 1 owners are not like the Tesla lemmings, if Nissan continues to not explain all aspects of Leaf ownership, like what do you do when you do when you have a great car that is rendered a shadow of its' original self by constant need for topping up. Then introduce a predatory battery replacement plan ($10,000 US) destroying any resale value, KIA and Hyundai will benefit. Caveat Emptor

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