Sound Settings Setup Guide for LG Smart TVs (2016 – 2017) | LG USA

While gazing at the flawless blacks, lifelike images, and stunning colors on your LG Smart TV, you might forget all about the audio! Luckily, we didn’t. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about your LG TV Sound Settings, from setup to finish. Grab your remote and get ready to make the most of that exceptionally powerful audio system designed to complement LG’s superior picture quality—so you can create the ultimate home-entertainment, content-viewing and gaming experience.
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Guide to Picture Settings:

21 Replies to “Sound Settings Setup Guide for LG Smart TVs (2016 – 2017) | LG USA”

  1. Manuel Rodriguez

    I just bought a LG Tv (55SK9000PUA) and I want to know how to turn off the internal speaker, I hate that voice all the time when you turn up or down the volumen,…thanks for your time. Please i need your help.

  2. Uber Glamazon

    Don't buy an LG TV you will regret it from the day you open the box. The fake 4K display is the first thing it's not a real 4K display and everyone knows that now. And the settings are absolutely impossible to deal with on that television with the clunkiest remote and no they only give them magic remote to the top and TVs because I guess it's so important to have some piece of plastic that they can charge extra for. A real dog of a TV

  3. L0L247

    Please fix the sound delay issue with LG OLED B7A. There hasn't been a fix and audio sync option does not work, even on the latest version which is 4.70.70. The problem seems to be with Dolby Digital.

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