Soulja Boy's Game Console – Before You Buy

Music artist/entrepreneur Soula Boy is releasing video game consoles. How exactly does it work? We got our hands on one.
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38 Replies to “Soulja Boy's Game Console – Before You Buy”

  1. Alex Negz

    This console is so amazing I don't think a high-end gaming PC can run masterpieces like Knack 3, Despacito 2, Cory in the house, Super Mario Bros 2, Jerry rice and nitus dog football, and Diablo immortal those exclusives alone are worthy of buying the Soulja boy console!!!!

  2. J the Existentialist

    These games should look worse. They are not designed for the screen your using. Most of those games use on tvs (which older is better for these games even n64 is this way) that had scanlines or the big fat bubble tvs and old monitors. If you plugged that into a windows 95 type monitor i bet it would look better. Not the tearing though. Thats the emulator cores. It would be cool if you could and or remove emulators on these types of consoles.

  3. J the Existentialist

    How could he forget MAME or Naomi emulation? Doesnt anybody else realize the arcade version of almost every game are better than the. Console counterparts? Especially any fighting games like final fight , contra, or even super mario 1. Be shocked to see that you can get naomi emulator and play marvel vs. Capcom 2. Naomi is the sega core made to run dreamcast level games in an arcade. Its processing power is many more times more powerful in display than anything dreamcast could push. Got it on my android phone.

  4. Deyvson Moutinho Caliman

    He should be sued. One thing is an obscure Chinese company selling pirated games to poor kids in the third world, another thing is a guy using his fame in USA to openly market an overpriced product he doesn't even own. He is a scammer and is acting in bad faith.

  5. Brosa Kojote

    Dont give him ANY praise. This reminds me of the time I walked into a resale shop and asked if the guy had any ps3 games(this was 10 years ago). The sob says "yeah I have a ps3 over there". I look its one of those chinese knockoffs that had the controllers attached to the piece of shit. I was pissed then and its the same thing here.

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