Sony XE90 (X900E) 4K HDR TV Unboxing + Picture Settings

We unbox the Sony XE90 (also marketed as the Bravia X900E in the USA) 4K HDR TV, & explain the picture settings available in the user menu.

Our review sample is the 65-inch Sony KD-65XE9005.

We’ll be testing this TV over the next couple of weeks. Anything you want to know, just leave a comment below.

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49 Replies to “Sony XE90 (X900E) 4K HDR TV Unboxing + Picture Settings”

  1. Royal Leader

    I just got this TV couple of months ago. I am finding that 1080p quality movies are looking better in quality than 2160p movies. The reds are more brighter and more red and the blues and more brighter and more blue so the overall picture just looks much better and punchier on 1080p than on 2160p. Any idea what is going on? Is there a setting I missed that would make 2160p look at least as good at 1080p? Thanks.

  2. Doug Dingle

    What would be nice is if you spent more than an hour with the set, and talked about things like how BLOODY AWFUL this thing's remote is in terms of range, and how its Android operating system sneakily reconfigures things you've changed to benefit itself, and how slow and annoying it is in general. This is why I now ignore review sites and review videos – they are all bullshit.

  3. Doug Dingle

    Absolutely the WORST.REMOTE.EVER! Why don't you mention that it has to be pointed DIRECTLY at the set's remote sensor to work? This is the PRIME interface between the user and the set, and it just SUCKS. Lots of comments online about how bad it is, and you say NOTHING? WTF is wrong with you?

  4. Paranormal 503

    Buenas tengo una dudaaa pues tengo una sony bravia 4k android es el mismo modelo pues cuando le doy volumen la linea negra del volumen parpadea pero es por rato que le ases asii no se si es normal o que por favor ayudaaaaaaa

  5. james Moore

    did you test the sat feed by just screwing in the cable to test the sat tuner? seems loads of tv makes are claiming not freesat (uk) to save money on paying for the rights of logos and menus. I m about to give back my LG as the sat tuner only shows whats on and the UI menu wont work

  6. Eaton Bryce

    Good Day. I have narrowed my search down to three Televisions. In your opinion i'd like to ask which one is best based on your experiences. They will all be 49" sets. Samsung MU8000; Sony X900E; and finally the LG49UJ7700. Also; what are your thoughts on a comparable TCL model?

  7. Damakia A

    alomst 5 min of boring unboxing. u could have talked a little bit about this TV while u do the Unboxing . anyway u r a big help for anyone how like to know scientifically about tvs .

  8. William Dean

    Six minutes of pure hell, thank you very much….. that said, my best friend just got the 900e and asked me to come by and tweak it for him….. man, I was not impressed after enjoying my Oled set for the past couple years….. I felt sorry for him that I couldn't of course get it to look like mine, which he loved.

  9. George Verdzadze

    I purchased recently sony x900 e and I would like to say that I am not happy abt a SPORT MOTION , especially when I am watching a football/soccer games, a ball motion is so terrible that in some point a ball disappears/invisible.I have tried all kind of TV setting in order to eliminate the above mentioned issue, however nothing was solved ,any ideas?
    Pls advise if you guys have experienced the similar issue, if so, pls advise if anyone fixed the same problem
    thanks in advance!!!

  10. Randy Levine

    Great video! Thanks… I have a question: You said that the 10 point gray scale adjusters only line up when the contrast and gamma are set correctly… I have found this to be very true (More so than any other TV I've ever had) So how would you suggest I calibrate (using Calman and a i1Display meter) for this TV used as a computer monitor where I'm trying to achieve a 2.2 gamma @ 6500K with 110-120 brightness?

    I hate these Sony RGB controls! … Any helpful tips from your experience would be greatly appreciated. 🙂


  11. Fernando Villaro

    Hi, I'm from Argentina, excellent information and channel. I have the same TV and I think it is the most incredible LED I have ever had. Have you tried games like Uncharted 4 (30 fps) with motionflow mode activated and out of the game? I have noticed an incredible experience. I think it generates Inputlag, but I also think that it does not ruin the experience, nor does it make it unplayable in this type of games. Sony has the best market movement, in that game you can see how well it works. I hope you can try this and upload the video, it would be very interesting.

  12. Loki Lord

    Im subscribed to your channel and it seems that you never actually show the best settings for the tv. Could you do a vid for this tv showing the settings numbers to put for best experience with the tv. Example Brightness 5 or max or 3 something like that for the tv. Calibration settings for those without special tools calibrator have.

  13. MD

    I’d like to know what the best settings would be when using with a Directv HD receiver. I’ll also be watching Netflix. I don’t know if I’m supposed to change the setting for watching Netflix or not. Id like to know about HDR when I connect for these purposes. There will be no gaming on this. I might try watching some 4K programming, but not until I master the set up for the DIRECTV. I love your video.Your personality makes your video soothing to hear. Less intimidating to this television challenged viewer. I subscribed. I’d love to have a glossary for every term you use with the Sony.

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