Sony X95G 55-inch 4K Android Smart TV Review | HDR, Dolby Vision, eARC Support | MRP ₹2,49,990

The Sony X95G 55-inch TV has an MRP of ₹2,49,990. But you can get this Sony 4K Android TV for ₹1,56,645 by using the link below:

The Sony X95G is a fantastic premium LED LCD TV and a worthy consideration for those that don’t want to get on the OLED bandwagon or for those who will consume content in a relatively bright room. The Sony X95G (KD-55X9500G) has a bright rich display for consuming content and playing games. The UI is fluid, features plentiful and audio is acceptable for TV viewing. Where this Sony 4K Android TV lacks is missing out on the ‘X-Wide Angle’ technology found on its larger siblings and limited HDMI 2.1 functionality.

Panel Size: 55-inch (available in 75 and 85-inch as well)
Panel Resolution: 3840 x 2160 (4K)
Panel Refresh Rate: 120Hz
HDR 10 support: Yes
Dolby Vision Support: Yes
Weight (with stand): 19.1kgs
HDMI Ports: 4
USB Ports: 3
Bluetooth: Yes
Wi-Fi: Yes
Ethernet: Yes
Speakers: 2 x 10W
Built-in storage: 16GB
Price: MRP: 2,49,900

Read our in-depth review of the Sony X95G 55-inch 4K LED Smart TV :

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35 Replies to “Sony X95G 55-inch 4K Android Smart TV Review | HDR, Dolby Vision, eARC Support | MRP ₹2,49,990”

  1. DarkHor$e

    Hi, thank you, this was very useful. Your channel has amazing content! X9500g at 1.1L or LG BX at 1.25L which will you recommend? . I'm not much into gaming. Main you use will be for watching 4k content on OTT platforms. I'll be mostly be watching at night so high contrast and black levels are important for me. Hence leaning little bit more towards BX. Or is there any other TV that you would recommend for this use case under 1.3L?

  2. Saurav Pal

    Hello sir..
    I want to purchase Sony 55 inches tv .plz recommend me which model i should purchase..
    I have need good quality and sound
    Plz suggest me…which model i should purchase
    8000g, 8500g, 8000h , 9000h
    But gaming is not my priority
    My priority is excellent picture and excellent sounds…

  3. ajith thomas

    I am planning to buy a TV.can you recommend a future proof TV of current scenario from Sony that support Earc and hdmi 2.1.i have seen ur review of LG c9 oled.but I afraid the burn in issue.whats your impression on 2020 model Sony line up like 8000h. I really consider Dolby Atmos and Dolby vision.I prefer the sizei 49 inch in TV.8000h have this size. Or do u recommend only 55 inch can satisfy these requirements in any brands of this requirements.i am considering hdmi 2.1 esp for gaming and lot u recommend the 8000h model. Can it really satisfy like an all rounder for gaming as well.please advice.

  4. Sadhu Ram Teji


  5. Lawrence Lau

    We can't decide between the x95g and the x85g 65 inch. On paper the x95g is much better but is it really worth the extra bucks? We saw the x95g in store and looks like the colour is washed out when watching from an angle (we have a 4 seater sofa with chaise on each end – sofa is about 3 metres long). The x95g also is thicker and uses more power than the x85g. Any assistance from current owners of the x95g is much appreciated. Any cons you can see in a living room environment (not in store)? Is it worth the extra money over the x85g? We will primarily be using for free-to-air tv, youtube, netflix, with lights on, maybe lights dimmed for a movie night (rarely pitch black). Thanks!

  6. Rajiv Patel

    Just because u are attempting to critique you don't have to over dramatise.

    I am going to buy this after seeing 50 other TVs in this size from 70 k-150 k ..
    There is no comparison between. This one and the lower priced same size .

    Anyways good luck

  7. MadMaxx

    Great video review!! I just got this exact TV (55" X950G) to replace a 2013 LG 47" 1080p that's well past its sell by date. I'm thrilled with my new Sony!! I have it wall-mounted and can't get over its great picture quality. I thought about an OLED, but I watch a lot of news and sports and didn't want to risk any burn-in. Yes, the remote is fantastic! Another unexpected bonus is the Android OS. I no longer need my Nvidia ShieldTV box to watch YouTube TV, Netflix and Amazon Prime. I use an external pair of Swan M300 powered speakers, so my TV viewing is perfect! Well-done, Sony!!

  8. Rahul Lamba

    Very amateurish, I'm sorry to say. And it's not just this TV review… Its a chronic ailment that ALL your TV reviews suffer from.

    The review structure itself (for TVs) begs a complete overhaul. Just look at the bandwidth wastage…
    Do you realise MOST of us watch broadcast signals as a BIG part of our consumption breakup?! Not ONE word on how 480p and 720p/1080i upscaling does?! Especially when Sony rules that game and does significantly better than the Best QLEDs and many OLEDs in that area (having seen them side-by-side).
    Not a word on Dolby Vision performance over Netflix, Prime and Blu-ray the other sources that makes a large part of our consumption… and a highlight of Sony (Samsung doesn't support it. And Most of the dynamic metadata HDR content is DB encoded)
    Who cares about in-built audio on a set that costs 2.5L? You could've made a fleeting mention of it and focused on what's important (Picture quality!!! …over different sources and scenarios).
    Not ONE word on blooming?! When Sony is falling behind the pack in terms of LD Zone count.
    Not a mention on motion performance. Again an area that Sony dominates and this particular model excels at.

    Assuming you are not selectively missing facts, how can you highlight VA panels have inferior viewing angles while completely disregarding that they have Significantly better black levels, hence 3-5x better native contrast when compared to IPS?! Which is why not ONE of the top-tier TVs use IPS today (only half-hearted attempts from LG & Panasonic). If it's not OLED (or micro led) its got to be a VA! If that's hard to believe why don't you do a side-by-side of the Best IPS vs. a mid-tier Sony. Because of reviews like this a friend fell for the IPS trap and kept complaining of how my 10yr old VA set does FAR better than his latest IPS TV (plagued by crappy contrast levels and 'IPS glow')

    Once upon a time Digit was a great source for reliable, quality content. RIP 🙁

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