SONY X900H / XH90 Unboxing, Set Up & First Look – LCD TV of The Year?

The Sony X900H (US) or XH90 (UK) is likely to be the gamers choice of more affordable TVs.
Check it out here: UK: or US:

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21 Replies to “SONY X900H / XH90 Unboxing, Set Up & First Look – LCD TV of The Year?”

  1. Ashish N

    sabhi yha client ktte h acha tv vs utna ni jitna soch rhe ho age ayega smjh tv yaha wapis ana___
    ps5 ready yehi soch k khud k le aye 😂
    abhi update v ana bacha h or ps5 v

  2. Ashish N

    Dear paid promotion artist __ it comes no where near oled

    even 1080p content looks very poor thera are linings all over tv and it seems pixelated as compared to other company

    good things:- contrast n sound
    bad :- ui lags sometimes old processor as other tv , upscaling not good , vrr supprt 120 will come under update, seems over satured , lots of headache coming along

    it comes even no where near to samsung q80t or lg cx

  3. Aktyr

    I've heard the viewing angle is bad on this tv. Does that mean the tv looks bad, when I'm sitting in the corner of my couch? And is it bright enough for normal daylight situations in my living room? This will be the first expensive tv in my life ^^

  4. lee zimby

    Just took my lg nano 90 back and got this instead 1500$ canadian dollars 💵 and already I just feel like its a little bit more of a luxury build. To be honest lg is not anything to laugh at but im happy already

  5. G Kent

    Hi bro i came to you video coz i bought the tv and the legs where different i just got a replacement for the correct one. Thank you for your video man!!! It put my mind to rest as i was sure the legs can be adjust to the middle sony/currays confirmed they sent me the wrong one lool.

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