Sony X900F LED TV Picture Settings –

Picture Settings for the Sony X900F 4k LCD TV
Full Settings:

In this video, we will show you how to setup and calibrate your Sony X900F. We will go over all the settings and how you can tweak them to your liking, whether you watch movies, play HDR video games or casually watch the TV in a living room.

Motion series explained:

Model presented:
Sony X900F 55″ (XBR55X900F)

Should also be valid for the 49” (XBR49X900F), 65” (XBR65X900F), 75” (XBR75X900F), and 85” (XBR85X900F)

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Inputs (00:27)
Display & Sound (01:52)
Picture Adjustments (02:36)
Auto Picture Mode (03:48)
Color (04:27)
Light Sensor (05:03)
Advanced Settings – Brightness (05:16)
Contrast (05:21)
Gamma (05:34)
Black Level (06:06)
Adv. Contrast Enhancer (06:32)
Auto Local Dimming (06:45)
X-Tended Dynamic Range (07:00)
Color (07:18)
Hue (07:25)
Color Temperature (07:33)
Live Color (08:12)
Sharpness (08:23)
Reality Creation(08:45)
Mastered in 4K (08:54)
Noise Reduction (09:12)
Motion (09:51)
Video Options (10:27)
Summary (10:41)
Conclusion (11:22)

25 Replies to “Sony X900F LED TV Picture Settings –”

  1. Brodie Weeding

    Does anyone else find that for gaming if you have the HDR mode under the video options tab selected on anything else apart from HDR10 then the colour is just too washed out? I find HDR10 to be way too strong with contrast and colour however everything else just looks bland, would be interested to know what everyone else is using for their PS4 PRO

  2. Richard Humphrey

    I am curious does anyone else have issue with android/ google home on this TV. I find just about every third day I have to go in and clear the Netflix cache in order to make this app work again. As for Google assistant. It seems like there is a power issue. I can ask it to turn on the TV and it fails most time doing so. Sometimes it does work…like two minutes later. If I turn on my power to TV with the remote, I can use google assistant to turn it off and and back on. I looked for power settings like deep sleep etc and found nothing that should hamper it. I like the TV but it really has been the worst smart TV I have owned. The TV is hard wired.

  3. Pradeep Reddy

    sony customer service and quality of the manufacturing is not that good, it is loosing it brand value and service to the customers. i have bought the television form sony out let, but is is faulty telivison they supplied when i try to contact them this is what their response. they even do not give proper training to the customer care people.
    Thank you for contacting sony support
    In regards to your TV (KD-55XF9005) please be noticed that your TV doesn't have a 5 years warranty as the TV is a refurbished model also from our end we can not provide any refunds or exchange and we are sorry for the inconvenience.
    so if you want we can send you the contact number for the nearest repair center from your house.
    Should you have further queries, please do not hesitate to reply to this email.
    Yours sincerely,

  4. SagaciousFrank

    So what is the cinemotion then? Which is best for movies and games? Since I use an AVR to connect all my devices, it looks as though I'll forever be adjusting and readjusting the settings through one HDMI setup.

    And does XDR have to be on with HDR, or should it be on for that matter? There's so many options on these TV's that it's very confusing. At least the Hisense H65M7000 which I have (and plan on replacing with the Sony XF90 due to a fault) had less options, which of course can be limiting, but more straightforward. And after applying the recommended settings from AVForums generally looks very good.

  5. ToFaNiDiYa

    Just got this TV. I am using roku ultra and primarily watch 1080p or lower content. Roku ultra is a 4k player. Should I keep roku to 4k setting and watch it on x900f or should I change its output to 1080p and let x900f do upscaling? Also, pretty much all of the apps I watch on roku are available on x900f I wonder if it would give me better picture then watching via roku.

  6. Zoran O

    Sony xbr65x900f I am getting vignetting – grayed corners – anyone experience this? I had one replaced and the new one is doing the same. The sony xbr65x900e its replacing never had vignetting – all grayed corners – what gives?

  7. PandaPandas83

    Using these settings on custom, anytime I pop in a 4k disc with HDR its absolutely too dim. Regular blu-rays play beautifully but any HDR 4k disc is just awful. I'm not sure if its this TV or something else I'm doing wrong.

  8. Michael Ward

    What's crazy is the x900f has the best color accuracy out of almost any tv and yet people want to say the q6fn or q8fn is accurate how can that be possible when it actually gets the unwanted yellows and reds like to the point where it over saturates skin tone and you cant get a natural skin tone color here sony you can get the color accuracy that everything is actually done by so tv companies need to realize to not go in the direction where you only get tons of color with no natural look to it because then color accuracy will go out the window just because something is super colorful doesnt mean its accurate if anything you need to calibrate it ml or to get it accurate you can still have a ton of color and be accurate when your not accurate is when you see someone with a tan and it looks just red or when someone is pale white and all you see is yellow like there is a liver issue lol just saying man I hope companies dont start messing that up because when zi see skin tone that bad zi dont like the tv because nobody looks right

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