Sony X900E 2017 TV Review –

Hands-on review of the brand new 2017 Sony X900E LED 4k TV
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Model tested: 55″ (XBR55X900E)

Should also be valid for the 49″ (XBR49X900E) , 65″ (XBR65X900E) and 75″ (XBR75X900E), except that the 65″ and 75″ don’t have a big power brick.

Design (0:32)
Inputs (0:53)
Contrast (1:09)
Local Dimming (1:19)
Gray Uniformity (1:34)
Motion Blur (1:46)
Input Lag (1:55)
PC Gaming (2:07)
Viewing Angle (2:19)
Reflections (2:34)
Peak Brightness (2:40)
Color Volume & Gamut (2:58)
Smart Features & Remote (3:10)
Comparison with the Sony X930E (3:23)
Conclusion (3:38)

50 Replies to “Sony X900E 2017 TV Review –”

  1. Lennart Vedin

    The Sony quality is poor and those issues are not covered by guarantee, not even the mandatory rights by Swedish law.

    I got micro-small bubbles on the screen with white spots on my 6 month new Sony TV, I saw also the amount increased next day, possibly initialized by the hot temperature those days. Sony claimed I have broken the TV by violence, even but Sony's conclusion was only based on my written description of the failure. While I had to pay $150 to the shop for "fail-analysis".

    Also the TV had to be disconnected from the supply once in the while due to frozen functionality.

  2. Nathan Bayudan

    Anybody know how to adjust the picture settings when you're casting a picture or video from your phone? It's a bit too vivid/saturated but I can't find a way to adjust — when I open the Action Menu, it exits out of the cast..

  3. paulanthonycooper

    I have this model but here's a warning to potential buyers. 2017 Sony TVs have a basic flaw. They cannot pause/ rewind/ fast forward live TV. I'm in New Zealand, but I've seen the same complaint in user forums in the UK and Australia. Don't know about other countries. My previous 2013 Sony could. My 2016 Samsung can. The Sony Bravia 2017 Collection brochure states "Record or pause live TV via a hard drive (32gb min.) connected to USB port." But it can't. So buyer beware! Has RTINGS looked into this?

  4. Samer Shennar

    Thank you guys. I made a full learning curve on TV technics following your videos and browsing your site. I can now buy my next 7-10 years TV based on that. It is mostly going to be this or the MU8000.

  5. Duffy Sullivan

    Picked up this TV yesterday. I have a rather small living room so 49 inch is fine for me. The price has come way down on this set and I was able to find it in Seattle for under a grand. It is replacing a high end Sony CRT that I really liked, the 34 inch XBR 910. It had the Super Fine Pitch tube and 1080i resolution. As much as I liked the colors, deep blacks, outstanding contrast, excellent motion handling of the 910 this 900E is just as good. I do not watch any broadcast TV, I use the 900E only as a display for my PS4 and other consoles. There are no issues with motion blur or input lag in games. The blacks are black, the colors are excellent and the detail you can see in games is stunning! As an aside I like The center base stand on the 900E way more than The forked legs on other TVs. The only criticism I have is the viewing angle. You have to set yourself in front of the TV. Viewing from the side, or standing above it looking down, results in a faded image. In summary this is a great gaming TV. In all the areas that matter it delivers a very satisfying experience.

  6. knurri

    I'm so pissed off with my 65". It is connected to a DVR and receiver. Every time I turn it on, I'm not sure if I will get the actual program feed or the Home or Help Screen. It should start on HDMI 1 which is the default. I've had 17 home screen starts since Jan 06. Almost every 4 days. Spent hours with Sony support and they say "its normal and there is nothing wrong with it so will won't service it". Their troubleshooting consists of a power re&re, reboot and setting changes, which were the same before the reboot. Turns out that this home screen issue is years old. Sony is just burying their head in the sand here pretending it doesn't exist.

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