Sony X850D HDR 4K Android Television – Impressions

The Sony XBR-55X850D HDR 4K Android TV is something I’ve been wanting to buy for some time. Thanks for watching! Amazon ► B&H ►

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35 Replies to “Sony X850D HDR 4K Android Television – Impressions”

  1. Ignacio Theodore

    اغلب الخلافات الزوجية لها علاقة بالعضو الذكوري للرجل إذ أن صغر حجم القضيب لا يساعد الزوجة ب الاستمتاع بالعلاقة الجنسية لدى نوصي كل من يعاني من مشاكل صغر حجم القضيب أو الانتصاب ضعيف و كذلك سرعة القذف بتجربة كريم رجال الصحراء فهو جل فعال وكل مكوناته طبيعية و مجرب على الصعيد العالمي خاصة في الشرق الأوسط ليس له أي أثار جانبية و يعتبرمهيج جنسي للحصول على المنتج يرجى التواصل مباشرة مع الدكتور المالكي مصطفىعلى الواتاب 00212689611487

  2. Seppo Haulikko

    My impressions after 1 year: stay away, avoid by any means, actually best to run away from the room if you encounter one. Laggiest, slowest and most difficult way to watch TV or use any apps. After 1 year of losing my sanity I bought Samsung Qled Q8F. Best decision ever, Samsung OS is 10 times faster.

  3. Castillo Alberto

    Ola buenas tengo una duda y me podría ayudar tengo una smar tv sony igual la que usted tiene cuando subo el volumen por rato parpadea la línea del volumen y estaba viendo en su vídeo que cuando pone en nelflix el videooo le y esta subiendo el volumen se ve que esta parpadeando no se si es normal de la pantalla o es un error de fabrica y quisera que me ayuden en su opinión le voy agradecer muchoooo espero que me ayude

  4. Paranormal 503

    Buenas tengo una dudaaa pues tengo una sony bravia 4k android es el mismo modelo pues cuando le doy volumen la linea negra del volumen parpadea pero es por rato que le ases asii no se si es normal o que por favor ayudaaaaaaa

  5. beaugator

    Let me tell you all about the 850D//E series TVs. I bought an EBR 65x850D in July of 2016.. The power board failed on day one after 3 hrs of use! I waited over 2 weeks for a replacement power board. Then a couple of months later, the HDMI controller failed on it. Sony replaced the TV with a refurbed 850D. A few more months later and the HDMI controller failed on the replacement set. So, then Sony replaced that with an XBR 65x850E model set. That was last August. Last week, a section of the edge lighting went out. It crashed the 850E and it won't even start up. After several hours of waiting on hold for CS (that's a whole nother story) I finally get through to Int Relations for resolution. All they are willing to do is replace the set with another 850E. Even though they fall under the Magneson-Moss act. They refuse to offer a refund. IMHO Sony is a dishonorable company now and should be avoided at all costs!

  6. kyleplier

    OLED aren't the only ones to get deeper black levels. Any LCD with a Vertical Alignment panel will as well. And you should have went with the Samsung KS8000. It has a wide colour gamut, quantum dot display, and HDR premium certification. It can peak at almost 1200 nits. HDR demands at least in the 700 nit range.

    Although, an LCD with FALD or Full Array Local Dimming like TCL 55P607 would also have been a better choice. It has $1200 performance at under $700. And TCL is the #5 brand. 72 local dimming zones, all 3 major HDR formats, Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG aka Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG via the YouTube app) and Dolby Atmos via ARC. Also TCL has 15.4ms of input lag. Not as fast as LG Nano Cell at 14.9ms of input lag, still.

  7. Robert Kristiansen

    I have had this Tv for about a year now and I just Love it.Its being used for Normal Tv watching and Film ,And a lot of Gaming .I have the Xbox one and this Tv is just Great for Gaming…Only downpoint is the sound,I have a 200 Dollars Soundbar and its more sound then I need ..GHreat Tv.!

  8. nycbk23

    I love this TV! 4K, UHD, HDR, 4HDMI outputs, component and 3.5mm head phone jack, IR blaster, Android TV, Chromecast support, PlayStation TV with controller support, Voice remote control, Dolby Digital Surround Sound. 120hz 60fps

  9. David Deaton

    got 65 inch of this tv, got question i been trying watch uhd media I purchased on vudu through this thing, i got internet speed i think 16 mbs per second watch uhd media or 4k media stream it but never shows up just hdx and sd as options, i been told android tv won't allow it for some reason just stream right off the tv. Or just over thinking just bouught this tv few months ago, do half get external device or what.

  10. Ja

    Hey i just got this ordered through Best Buy to be delivered. I got the newer 850E 65inch version tho. Do you like this and would you recommend this over the Samsung? My Samsung died after four months.

  11. Sus Wanto

    dualshock 4 missing from setting on my android tv 7.0 nougat, it's suck, i cant play game with dualshock 4 anymore. My tv kd 43x8000d.
    Why sony erase dualshock 4 in new update. Its suck, fuck, useless crap!!! Not smart tv anymore but dumb tv. Dont buy this tv right now, wait for ne update. Suck suck suck

  12. OK DOK

    when i game i have input lag
    i even have it on game mode and still there is input lag
    i have the 75 inch model
    does size effect input lag or is there any way to fix this?????

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