21 Replies to “SONY TV Voice remote Reset / Re-pair FIX Bravia Android TV”

  1. Sinbat Siraseranant

    My Sony A9G OLED 4K has a completely hands free Google Assistant built in. This television has a red light in front of the screen that continuously listens to the voice command without having to press the google assistant button on the Sony remote. However, this functionality somehow disappeared about a month ago after a SW update. I'm not sure how to fix this issue.

  2. blaydemastah

    i have a question, when i click the tv button it opens to some streaming channels that just play google play movie trailers and asks me to rent movies. how can i disable that so it doesnt show or make the button opens youtube or something else instead?

  3. noeala jaywardhana

    I have a question regarding the Sony remote.I have only my voice control buttons is working except other buttons on Sony remote. I can not switch on or off using remote.I am using manual buttons behind my tv.Can you tell me how to fix this issue.

  4. adios2011

    I got a new control and nothing happens when o try using it … how do I pair it with my tv ? I only have three buttons in the back and I’m helpless

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