SONY TV No Sound (Digital Optical) – How to FIX?

Can’t get audio to come through on your SONY TV even after soft reset? No problem! Here’s a quick method that may be able to get it fixed!
Please note that different models may have slightly different Menus.
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TV Model Used in the Video: SONY KD-50X690E
This method should work for Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, AT&T Uverse, Direct TV, Comcast TV, Dish Network, Cox, Verizon TV, Xfinity and more.
If you’re using Roku or Amazon Fire TV specifically, stay until the end of the video and follow the links for more detailed solutions.

This method also works for Digital Optical Audio Output usage such as Soundbar, AV Receiver, Bluetooth Audio Transmitter, Stereo and more.

[This Method Works with]
Sony Bravia OLED, Full Array LED, 4K… BX Series, EX, NX, LX, HX, NSX, Android TV.

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21 Replies to “SONY TV No Sound (Digital Optical) – How to FIX?”

  1. sen mathew

    Very confusing Video. This is Good for Techi people. First of all why did you produce a video like this?. Good. Its Intension is Good. It is for teaching Non Technical people like me to get the desired result. If this was what in your mind, then 1. You would not be playing crap music in the background. 2. You would not be cluttering your screen with unnecessary clips. 3. You will be providing valuable data( not like messages appearing now and disappearing in lighting speed). Brother try to improve. Your intension was Good but you failed utterly in implementing it. It did not serve the purpose. Please try to understand one thing Your audience are not that Technological as you. We are here to study From you. Please make it easier for us. Do not make confusion.

  2. Rascalanne98

    Have a question bought a brand new sony bravia x95h and tried setting up comcast tv box, a direct tv box, and a roku box. I only got sound out of the roku box and nothing else. I have unplugged everything but the direct tv box did a factory reset and still no sound just bought this tv new today and sure don't want to have to try to take apart the legs and try to rebox a 65" tv load it up and return it. If you have any suggestions would be awesome!! THANK YOU

  3. Subramoniam S

    That was quite useful tip. Even Sony did not describe the advanced setting. There is also a PCM volume setting that may be zero. This has to be made high to get the sound output from optical out

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