42 Replies to “Sony LED TV vs LG OLED 4K HDR TV – Image Quality (Standard Picture Setting)”

  1. Malith Perera

    oh please!!! Stupid comparison!!! These HD videos are set to work on any TV without hitting the peak brightness. The highest brightness of this video will never hit any of TVs peak brightness. This is why when you play any of these promotional videos in any type of TV they looks good.

  2. Shaggy Dw

    So you all know. Sony Tvs are warm out of the box. Samsung are full sharpness. LG mostly in ViVid with blueish tone. All needs to be adjust. That's just PR. Sony believe most people like warmer picture. Samsung wants to make that stunning first impression, LG how "different" they are also with the wide angles both with their Oleds and IPS panels. Samsung got just VA panels, Sony have VA and IPS, and LG IPS. And btw many of you say omg what good panels Sony has. Well they don't manufacture any kind of panels. They buy IPS and Oled from LG, and VA from just everywhere. They have the best processing power in the market that's what makes them better but just for some content mostly.

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