Sony | How to connect your TV to your computer

Watch this easy tutorial on how to use your Sony TV as a monitor for your computer. Follow the steps in the video to connect the two devices.

If you are still in need of assistance, please visit to reach a Sony customer service representative.

Learn about Sony TV’s:

*Thanks to Tim from the Sony TV team for creating this tutorial at his house as our employees continue to work from home here in the U.S..

35 Replies to “Sony | How to connect your TV to your computer”

  1. PGI Cruiser

    This is outrageous that in 2021 I cannot connect Mt Windows 10 laptop to a new Sony X900H TV wirelessly. I can connect a phone or tablet, but not my PC! WHY? There's no way I'm going to stretch 20+ feet of HDMI cable across my living room just to project my laptop screen to the TV. I have no problem casting to any other brand of TV. This is unbelievable that Sony would exclude the Miracast feature from its TV.

  2. fan

    I have trouble connect my MacBook Pro 2013 to Sony Xdr z9d. 1920 by 1080 resolutions is ok. If I choose 4K resolution, I got a black screens with error “no signal”.

  3. Apostle BM Jonah

    Good morning synagogues for church unity followers and believers of the unity of the body of christ.I greet you all and God bless us in this year of great reword 2020 a hear of complete assistance from Aba father JESUS. Fast, pray, meditate ,read the bible wait for answers and be mature .In your relationship with JESUS christ.please pray for me.

  4. jalal bukhari

    i am facing problem i hooked up Sony KDL-55HX750 to vga of my hp desktop(hp 6300, i5-3550, Graphic intel HD 2500) , it displays fine but when i want to use display via Display port , (obvious reason i don't want to use separate audio cable & better video quality) also known as D-Sub port there is no display detected on it. please help

  5. Žan Drabik

    heres a company that Should be focused on the PS5 110% and what do they do instead of showing you the PS5? They show you how to connect a PC to your TV😂 they might as well have shown us how to connect an XBOX to a TV😂, is it just me that sees the irony? Lmao


    I use my Sony desktop that I bought 8 years ago in Korea and I connect it to my TV in the living room just so I can practice my presentations in front of families and friends before I present my work to my colleagues and I basically just do screen mirroring cuz there's not a HDMI Court long enough to reach from my office to my living room

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