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  1. markstephens36

    The Sony Bravia series of adds, the balls and the paint, are still amongst the most enjoyable and memorable adverts ever as are the Benson and hedges cinema adverts, Dunlop and BA

  2. Jenna

    My dad used to look this up for my sister and I to watch when we were really young. To this day, whenever I hear this song on the radio it makes me smile and remember this

  3. Lennart Vedin

    The Sony quality is poor and those issues are not covered by guarantee, not even the mandatory rights by Swedish law.

    I got micro-small bubbles on the screen with white spots on my 6 month new Sony TV, I saw also the amount increased next day, possibly initialized by the hot temperature those days. Sony claimed I have broken the TV by violence, even but Sony's conclusion was only based on my written description of the failure. While I had to pay $150 to the shop for "fail-analysis".

    Also the TV had to be disconnected from the supply once in the while due to frozen functionality.

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