Sony – BRAVIA – Z9F/ZF9 Series – 4K HDR TV

A spectacular view from any angle. Sony’s MASTER Series 4K LCD Z9F/ZF9 delivers true-to-life realism unlike ever before. And X-Motion Clarity™ and X-Wide Angle technologies ensures every detail is breathtakingly beautiful and faithfully reproduces the creators’ intent.

This feature is available to our MASTER Series Z9F/ZF9 Series and A9F/AF9 Series.

Learn more about our MASTER Series Philosophy:

See our MASTER Series Z9F/ZF9 Series:

See our MASTER Series A9F/AF9 Series:

4K: 3,840 x 2,160 pixels
Visual effects and UI are simulated.
Model name and actual product design may be different depending on region.
“SONY” and “BRAVIA” are trademarks of Sony Corporation.

14 Replies to “Sony – BRAVIA – Z9F/ZF9 Series – 4K HDR TV”

  1. King Dranzer

    Is there the requirement of launching the Z9F when Z9D is already on the top of the list with no true competitor even trying to take it down from its throne where it has been sitting for past 2 and a half years. Come on SONY let the competition catch-up before throwing in improved version. Instead SONY should work on improving its regular Lineup of LED TVs to a level of MASTER series instead of creating new Master piece which is overpriced and only a dream for regular customer.

  2. TheValiantZero

    The biggest reason why the Samsung Q9FN is superior to the Z9D is due to the color volume. I hope the Z9F/ZF9 directly responds to that. Truly, if that happens then the color volume, incredible local dimming, and peak brightness will make Sony's TV the best TV period. I'm really hoping that happens because I love Sony's BRAVIA brand. Until then, Samsung's Q9FN is currently the best TV available on the market (

    Also, the Z9D continues to be one of the better looking TVs in the market with the dark design and stand. Too bad Sony got rid of the beautiful stand for these unappealing legs instead. But right now, color volume is much more important.

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