Sony – BRAVIA – Z8H/ZH8 Series – 8K HDR TV

Step into the breathtaking world of big screen 8K detail and see pictures precisely matched with a sound from screen experience. A slim and simple one slate design immerses you in the action.

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8K: 7,680 x 4,320 pixels
Google and Android TV are trademarks of Google LLC.
Visual effects and UI are simulated.
Model name and actual product design may be different depending on size and region.
“SONY” and “BRAVIA” are trademarks of Sony Corporation.

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40 Replies to “Sony – BRAVIA – Z8H/ZH8 Series – 8K HDR TV”

  1. Huj Mamin

    I would be MUCH MORE glad if instead of all this sound system sony would make a audio hdmi output, that supports hires multychannel audio formats. Optical output is kind of very weak band 🙁
    You know, some people collect their audio for half of theire lifes, some denon avd a1 hd preamps cost 10000$ snd its analogue parts are much more valuable and great than any dolby atmos etc, especially all new 1000$ receivers :)) tv is a 2-5 years product, audiosystems are for life

  2. Quang Do

    Finally…. Still they should make the cheaper 4K version. It's not the time for 8K yet…. I have been waiting for designs like this for decades since my first LCD screen. Took them tooo long to come up with those great stands…. 🌠👏🎆✨🎇💖

  3. Upam Debnath

    I think in the premium segment, the television manufacturers should add 'premiumness' as far UI is concerned. That means adding shades of opulence and fluidity in the user interface experience. The problem with Android TV is that it looks & seems all the same, whichever price point you're eying at, and not to mention coupled with in-house apps and bloatware. TV manufacturers are yet to harness the plethora of possibilities Android TV has to offer, in short both should work together to make it an intriguing experience. Google Play Store need more apps too.

  4. J.C. L.

    Why can't you guys make a 40" 4k HDR 60Hz low latency Oled style blacks LED (the new dot tech) Tv at $700 with the usual inputs plus a scart one for older consoles. It doesn't have to be an android tv.

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