Sony Bravia TV kdl- red blinking led light error codes & solutions

Sony Bravia LCD TV KDL models red blinking led light error codes & possible solutions,
Red led light blinks flashes, red light error code troubleshooting Chart, TV shutsdown, more info at-
Always try power reset, unplug powercord for 5 mins then factory reset tv & update with usb drive from sony site-
0 no red standby light-check powercord or bad main logic board or power board, check standby volts
1 red blink not used
2 red flashes is bad power board, solution replace power board
3 red flashes is bad main logic or power board, check for standby volts if ok replace main logic board
4 red blinks- can be LD board or main logic board, check inverter board wires for arcing to ground
5 red flashes- bad lcd panel connection or internal lcd short- squeeze bezel to locate bad connection
6 red flashes- backlight issue, bad main board, or power board or inverter boards- check standby volts on power board. “backlight on” volts should be 3-5v from main logic board then 24v to inverter
7 red flashes- main board over heating, can be short on power board or main logic board
8 red flashes- main board sp prot, try power reset, update with usb, or replace main logic board
9 blinks- check fan error, * if TV has fans
10 blinks- digital board or tuner board * some Sony TVs may not have this board
11 red flashes- bad main board, bad IC, replace main logic board
12 red light flashes is tcon error bad T-con board or bad LCD panel, replace tcon board usually
13 red flashing is backlight balance error bad lcd panel or inverter boards (common) or bal board on kdl-52v4100 only, replace inverter board usually then main logic board
14 red flashes HFR- bad TCON or Bad LCD panel, replace tcon board. unplug tcon board if tv stays on without tcon board replace tcon board. “como sony tv reparación”
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26 Replies to “Sony Bravia TV kdl- red blinking led light error codes & solutions”

  1. Warren Heggarty

    Hi. I've got a Sony 32inch KDL TV with 3 x red blinking LED's. Looked at many You Tube vids and all seem to indicate the main power or logic board. I've already swapped out the main board but still the same issue, tried a soft/hard reset and still the same. Any ideas or are we looking at the main screen gone and its a throw away job? Thanks Warren

  2. Efrain Gallardo

    So a lady is selling me a mint condition 72 inch Sony TV with 6 red flashes with black screen for 40 dollars. Is it worth purchasing and try to repair? I have some experience in TV repairs so I'm not worried about that. What I'm worried is the parts gonna be to expensive.

  3. JR Moritz

    My KDL 70R550A has 5 bling lights. One repair shop said bring it in and we will check it but they are almost 1.5 hrs away. A local shop said it’s the LCD light panel and you can not even get a replacement. I think he is correct. He has been doing this type of work for along time. I am very disappointed in Sony… a $2600 TV dead in just 5 years! So what do I replace it with? I am not a big fan of Samsung customer services. Perhaps LG this time. It seems that all current TV are just disposable. OLED is really nice but I am not spending more than $1500 on another TV.

  4. Paul Thilwind

    My Sony 46hx805 keeps getting stuck in standby, I get the 4 red standby blinks, after I turn it on.

    I've done the reset, and some times it fixes it, but not always. Sometimes it won't work for days.

    Yesterday I took the back off and looked inside, I discontented the inverter board, plugged it in and it started up with no picture.

    Then I reconnected the inverter, and started it up, it worked perfectly.

    I don't know if it was just luck or if the inverter is faulty.

    I have read it could be the tcon or the power supply, any tips how to find the fault?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

  5. Rodney Sabathe

    I have a Sony xbr55x850c I dont have video but I do have sound. When the TV is plugged in but not on the standby light on the bottom blinks green and orange.when I turn the TV on the light changes to white.any thoughts? Your help will be appreciated. Thanks.

  6. libertango

    I have a Sony Bravia KDL XBR 4 52"and I have 3 red flashes…I unplugged it for a few seconds, it did not work. I unplugged it and let it sit for 10 minutes, replug now it works. My TV is awesome, still quite old. It's big, it has that transparent bezel, and it weights 50 kg so repairing it is not easy. I am happy the unplugging worked. Actually it happened before, and the restarting worked.

  7. Ash Mak

    Hey Same thing happened to me. I waited for a couple of hours and plugged it in again. it worked !! Problem was the power surge coming into AC Socket. I have an old power stabilizer. I hooked my TV into that and it worked. Please try this before making costly decision. I hope it helps any of you reading this.

  8. Nvvines

    hi dear …
    i am having sony bravia lcd tv the same tv in the video and it is having bad lcd screen .
    it always have ghosting effect and no proper picture quality ..
    picture used to be like mixture of black green blue red .
    please suggest me what to do ……

  9. EJ_1964

    Do these codes apply to the XBR 900C series? I have a two year old XBR55X900C and it shut down and is blinking red 4 times. I got the set to come back on and work for a over a week but now it is back to just blinking 4 times. This sounds like a power issue?

  10. Guennie GuenGuen

    Hi @Tampatec, thank you for sharing your knowledge. I need your assistance with fixing my KDL-60NX810 (Sony Bravia) with 3 red blinking lights. Do you think it's worth fixing? Which and where can I find the parts? I tried ShopJimmy but it says out of stock.

  11. Dennis Challoner

    Thanks for your great videos
    I have a KDL-55Ex501 and of course it is LCD and once it warms up it powers off and goes into 4 flash on the standby
    I'm having a hard time finding the code for this tv
    Do the codes remain the same or does sony change them?
    And help would be hugely appreciated

  12. Nmor Net

    Please Original File for this type: prima 32 inch — TP.VST59.P83X —
    What is the correct way to install the file or drag it from the board
    The problem is that the TV does not respond to the remote or buttons
    One of them installed a wrong file on the device through Flash USB

  13. Kevin at KAB

    A Sony 940E works for half an hour then shuts down with 6 flashes. if you leave the set off for a few hours, it will turn on and again work for about a half hour then shuts down with 6 flashes. in your experience, if the panel works momentarily like this, would you consider the panel and back light OK? Thanks

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