Sony Bravia R550C, W650D Series TV Optical Audio out no sound solution to try.

Sony Bravia tv’s model KDL-40R550C and KDL-48R550C and W650D series have the ability to output different audio signals via their optical digital audio out port. Some soundbars cannot decode those sounds.

This video will show you how to change the digital audio out output to PCM a more universal sound type supported by more devices.

If this does not work check if you have a RED LIGHT coming out of your TV”S OPTICAL OUT port on the tv.

If there is no red light the tv will need to be FACTORY RESET.

To FACTORY RESET the tv. While the tv is ON:
1) Hold down the UP arrow on the sony tv remote and keep holding it down do not let it go.
2) now that the UP arrow on the sony tv remote is being pressed you can then press and let go of the POWER BUTTON that is PHYSICALLY on the TV itself (NOT THE POWER BUTTON ON THE REMOTE.)
3) Reset should appear and the tv will turn off and turn back on and ask you to do the initial set up.

Instructions can be found here: But remember when it says to press the POWER BUTTON it is in the one PHYSICALLY ON THE TV and NOT the remote.

Factory Reset Instructions:

After the Reset the Optical Out Light should come back on in red.

42 Replies to “Sony Bravia R550C, W650D Series TV Optical Audio out no sound solution to try.”

  1. surya prakash

    thank you so much my tv already on pcm but when i change to pcm to pcm its work i was dowload tv manual but cant help its takes 1 hour how to do very nice video thank you so much ? i was connect my ps 4

  2. davegt27

    I used these instructions to fix my problem (unable to adj sound volume Bravia KDL40W650W), I would get a flashing light on TV but no vol adjustment. anyways once I got to the last screen "Manage Inputs", I set 1) speakers= tv speakers, 2)head phone/audio out=audio out, 3) audio out = variable, 4) digital audio out = auto. it took several hours to fix this problem

  3. Hmachhuana Ralte

    My Sony Bravia has faced the same prob…no sound, but as I followed your instruction, there's no 'Digital Audio Out' option as it was already blacked out…I am using HDMI 1 ACR….has anything to do with the HDMI1 or 2?

  4. davidhunternyc

    Hello, I have a Sony KDL-32W650A television. I have the latest firmware update but my menu looks different than the one on this video. I am trying to connect an external speaker using an optical toslink cable but I can not find in my settings menu a way to switch to a PCM signal? Do you know why? Please help. Thank you.

  5. Agus Ardian

    I have home theater no supported dolby or dts…and i using analog converter..

    My question…what the sound is dolby can out in your home theater ? because I noticed in online there is who sells audio converter which support dolby…please answer…

  6. Peter Tomov

    Great job! Helped me fix it in my case. Seems my son was playing with the remote control and I stuck unable to amend my TV volume…
    Thanks to your video I figured it out immediately and everything is back to normal 🙂
    Thank you! Your video is very helpful!

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