Sony Bravia KD-65XE9005 65 inch 4K UHD HDR TV Review

Sony Bravia KD-65XE9005 65 inch 4K UHD HDR TV Review

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Sony KD-65XF9005 Review

**PLEASE NOTE** All four ports DO support HDCP 2.2. Only two of the ports support 4K 50/60P.

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33 Replies to “Sony Bravia KD-65XE9005 65 inch 4K UHD HDR TV Review”

  1. Thorsten T

    Hello, thank you for your helpful video.
    I would like to buy myself a new TV in the next few days. The 75×9005 is one of my favorites.
    Currently have a Sony 2015 65x8505c and I'm also a fan of the Android operating system.
    I think Oled TVs makes have a good Picture Quality, too. However, I like the brightness of an LCD. I also heard a lot about burn in at Oleds. My question is, the Sony, one year after the appearance still the buy recommendation in terms of LCD
    Thank you
    Greetings from Germany

  2. Sandy W

    Thanks for good review. I bought this TV last week . Did the initial digital search it searched 400 channel including all scrambled channels, my question is how to get rid of scrambled channels. Lg TV normally skip them and keeps only working channels. I want normal working playlist of channel

  3. Paul Cansdale

    Hi many thanks for taking the time to post this review which I found very objective and informative. What is the sports performance like? I think its 100hz so motion blur should be limited? Would appreciate your comments on this. Thanks!

  4. zero15388

    this might sound dumb but, does this tv need an aerial to work? Not just for tv but the actual youview software itself? or can you just watch bbc iplayer etc? i want to watch mainly youtube and movies and gaming, but wondering about the youview and whether it's apps can function without a aerial cable, cheers

  5. Slothy Woffy

    Need your help mate! What’s better between this (75 Inch Version), and SAMSUNG UE75MU8000T?

    I know Samsung one doesn’t have Full Array backlighting, but what do you think overall?

  6. Ko6pa

    As a *VA tv, what is a real minimum viewing distance of a 55' model not to see the limitations of this technology ? I have 46hx850.(VA) with a beautiful black levels, but start to see brighter shadows on left/right leaning even at 2m distance, from a straight view position its almost not or barely visible. How close I can watch a 55' VA at straight position not to see the difference between center and peripheral parts of screen at dark scenes? Thanks for your great reviews!

  7. Otto Knudsen

    Hi i am confused. I want a new tv. I have found two. LG oled 65b7v and a sony KD75xe9005. What Will be the Best buy. I use it for gaming ps4 Pro and movies. LG is oled but only 65” and sony is only led but Nice 75”

  8. John Wilkinson

    What is the Android TV interface genuinely like? I'm currently in the Market for a 55" TV and I think this fits the bill, I'm just put off slightly as many reviews have hammered the 'sluggish', 'Laggy' interface and even the slow changing of channels/sound etc… What is really the case? Cheers, John

  9. Robert Greenhalgh

    Enjoyed your review. I just bought a Sony KD-55XE 9005. Could you please tell me how I can download the Smart IPTV. App onto this TV. I would need this info on a very basic level as I'm a bit of a novice in these matters. Thanks

  10. Probstl88

    Hi Geekanoids,
    first of all thanks for this great review! Do you think the TV is good for online gaming with an Xbox? Because other reviews state that the input lag is over 40ms.

  11. WestHam66

    I also bought this tv for it's picture quality. Only thing I saw at the store matching it was a B series LG OLED…. but why oh why can't Sony put a backlight on their remotes on their more expensive products like they used to do…surely would not cost them much more!

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