Sony BRAVIA – How to install, update and uninstall apps from Google Play™

There are many apps available on Google Play™ for you to install and enhance your living room experience.
In this video, you can learn how to install, uninstall and update apps/games with your Android TV.

1. Google, Google Play, Android, YouTube are trademarks of Google Inc.
2. Use of this TV requires consent to Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
3. All images in the video are simulated. Some freatures/apps/services may not be available depending on the region/country/products.
4. Please make sure your TV is connected to the Internet.

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49 Replies to “Sony BRAVIA – How to install, update and uninstall apps from Google Play™”

  1. sara tizra

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  2. roidroid

    This video is only for Sony Bravia models that came out AFTER MAY 2015, because this is when Sony started making TVs that ran Android.
    If your Bravia TV was made between 2008 and May 2015, this video is not relevant for your TV, because your TV does not run Android.

  3. Kendall Rupp

    Sony, I can’t sign into the YouTube app on the TV so I wanted to uninstall the YouTube app and then reinstall it but when I did everything that was in the video only thing that shows up under YouTube was uninstall the updates but not uninstall the app, so, are some apps preloaded and they can’t be uninstalled because to me since YouTube can’t be uninstalled I think that means it is a preloaded app, your video doesn’t say anything about preloaded apps.

  4. Rohit Kumar

    There is a big difference between a smart TV and an Android TV. Most people in the comments want an Android TV but ended up buying a smart TV. Now they are looking for Google Playstore 😂. People! Please manage with screen mirroring. Else spend a few bucks extra and buy a Chromecast or something similar.

  5. John Firth

    Oh my goodness, I cannot find a way of getting ITV HUB (UK owner) or google store onto this NEW 2017 Sony Bravia honestly just got rid of an LG that was 3 yrs old that was 100x easier than this, I am so frustrated!!!!! I feel like throwing it through the window. All the videos I look at don't relate to this problem. Useless TV

  6. David Doerr

    I can't get any decent apps on my Sony Bravia…waste of money for the supposedly SMART TV….not so smart. Salesman is probably still laughing at me. And this video is absolutely no help!

  7. CrankCase08

    This is nothing like my Sony Bravia. I'm wishing I'd never even bought mine; it's full of useless apps, while the UKTV and 4OD ones are not available, and apparently never will be. The only good things about it are the picture and sound quality. I'll never buy a Sony again, it's a total let-down.

  8. Steve Vestel

    My Sony Bravia Smart HDTV Model number KDL48R10C won't allow me to add the WWE Network App and I'm wanting to know how I can add it to my tv apps? But there's NOWHERE where you can add apps.

  9. Steven Collins

    here is the instructions for you to use when your sony TV works as you would imaginie it to work in the app store. now when it does NOT work in the app store, search for instructions on google to find out how to make it work and get this video saying how it SHOULD work not how it actually DOES work and what to do when it DOES NOT work. useless bloody video.

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