Sony BRAVIA – How to control your TV with set-top box (cable box)

Do you want to use your set-top box (cable box) more smoothly and intuitively?
Sony BRAVIA has the answer by using Touchpad Remote and IR Blaster.
You can learn how to controll your TV with set-top box.

1. Video describes automatic setup; some set-top boxes may require manual setup
2. IR Blaster may not be included in some countries
3. Some feature may not be available in some countries
4. Sony Android TV may require update to use features
5. All the images in the video is simulated

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23 Replies to “Sony BRAVIA – How to control your TV with set-top box (cable box)”


    How to turn off the TATA Sky set top box with sony android X8500F tv remote controller. i have already paired the IR blaster and only channel program can be changed. i wan to turn off the set top box and control the volume with this remote. anyone can help me?

  2. Ranjan Dhungel

    which model of usb ir blaster is supported by kd-43x7500e tv. It has no dedicated plug for ir blaster at the back of tv.But this same model has ir blaster in package and dedicated plug for ir blaster at the back in india. can someone tell the usb ir blaster supported by the tv.

  3. maksd23

    Anyone figure out a way to send the 'record' code to the cable box? in the action menu, i have play, pause, fast forward, etc. but no record. This means i have to find my cable box remote just to press 'record' button.

  4. William Hurley

    This is a very poor excuse from Sony on how to set up the product. A song with a video is simulated for 2.19 minutes is not any help to anyone. Sony your doing a real bad job and it has shown on your new 2016 line up. I am not happy at all this year. I can not believe google let you get away with putting android on your products with no proper to nil to no support in Canada let a lone the USA. Login to activate is a no go in Canada. From all the E-mail and form boards I read. I feel Sony has abandoned the end users. This video from Sony has done it Sony take your bow you know how to take the icing off the cake.

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