Sony BRAVIA – How to connect to Bluetooth devices

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You can control your TV, apps and games wirelessly with gamepads or keyboards.

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18 Replies to “Sony BRAVIA – How to connect to Bluetooth devices”

  1. Jason %

    Headphones can't pair with a Bravia 800E. Agree with the others, this is an unconscionable oversight. Such a basic, obvious, easy thing that any TV should be able to do, yet this high(er) end Sony Bravia can't. This is basic utility 101. I'm seriously questioning my loyalty to Sony….

  2. Inquisitive One

    I purchased a Sony Bravia XBR55X800E one week ago. I wanted a tv that connected to Bluetooth headphones. Four headsets later the tv does not connect to any of them. I called customer service today and was told yes, the tv connects to Bluetooth keyboards, mice, and headsets and was given a list of compatible Sony models:

    Bluetooth Headphones
    * WH-1000XM2
    * WH-H900N
    * WH-H800
    * WI-1000X
    * WI-H700
    * MDR-ZX770BN
    * MDR-100ABN
    * MDR-XB650BT
    * MDR-XB950BT
    * MDR-XB950B1
    * MDR-XB950N1
    * MDR-ZX220BT
    * MDR-ZX330BT
    * MDR-EX750BT
    * MDR-XB80BS
    * MDR-XB50BS
    * MDR-XB70BT
    * MDR-1000X
    * MDR-1ABT

    Another headset was purchased tonight (a Sony MDR-XB650XT) and it still won't connect. After hours of reading blogs and spending $$$$$ on headsets and a transmitter, the bottom line is no, the tv won't connect. Now they'll connect to my iPhone and iPad without issue. So disappointed in being misled by Sony. I've owned 3 Bravia TVs but it looks like I need a change.

  3. i asimov

    I've been through this drill. You can't use Bluetooth technology with a Sony TV unless the device is also Sony. In my opinion, this video is intentionally deceptive.

  4. Rene Volpi

    This is a sad state of affairs. Bluetooth won"t connect to my Sony Bravia and it's infuriating when you take into consideration it was supposed to do so since the store's clerk assured me that it would. Terrible customer service from Sony. They only had one job to do….

  5. EL EVO

    I have the Sony XBR 43" 800D Probably theost expensive 43" LCD out their and i cannot connect my Bluetooth headset. I have to say, I love this TV. I was about to buy the Sony 65" 930E Which cost's about $2500. Then i remembered the bluetooth issue with this TV.

    To make a long story short. I went with the LG B7A Oled TV, Because it supports Bluetooth. So i am good now. Then purchased an Android TV Mi Box. Now i have Bluetooth and Android TV , The best of both worlds and all for about $1,000 less then then Sony TV.

    The hell with Sony. Their TV's are great but over priced and they also don't listen to customers cries.

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