42 Replies to “Sony BRAVIA – Balls – Making of”

  1. belerofonn

    @grzesiekXYZ wlasnie widac kto jest debilem 😀 slownictwo gorzej niz w rynsztoku ….
    orzeczenie ?? a co to jest takie orzeczenie ? za zwykła flaszke moge takie miec 😛
    jestes leniwa malpa i tyle – nara

  2. Gurizin

    @hockeyfan3394 I don't think it ruins the purity, I think it makes it somewhat more real, the emotion that the producers are trying to communicate to us when they painstakingly engineer each scene in the commercial. And when I go back to watch the final product, I somehow see more beauty in it. I guess we can agree to disagree.

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