Sony Bravia Android Smart 4K TV explained (2018) | Android tv Smart Tv Difference | TV Guide

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This video is a must watch to clarify your doubts regarding what Sony Android smart 4k uhd tv is and how is it better that any other smart television in the market. Comparison with Samsung smart tv or Lg Android Smart tv with detailed explanation on key features .

Pros and cons of each television brand has been done. How Sony tv is better than Samsung smart tv or what smart features makes it different to to Lg Smart Tv have been explained. Buy this TV from: Recommended for You :

17 Replies to “Sony Bravia Android Smart 4K TV explained (2018) | Android tv Smart Tv Difference | TV Guide”

  1. Tan KT

    Smart TV is better than Android TV if looking at speed wise which will not lagging after some years usage as the number of app in smart TV is fixed? Am I correct? Performance wise, how was it??

  2. Ian Townsend

    Thanks. I have found your advice useful and clearly presented.
    Have you posted anything about playing movies from a USB device on recent/current Sony Android TVs?
    Despite complying with all the requirements set out in Sony's manual, and in Sony's YouTube post, I could not get my TV to read any USB devices. I eventually got it to work, but only after reformatting USB drives that already met Sony's specs. I posted the foillowing on Sony's YouTube instructions for USB devices:

    "If only it was that simple!!!!!!!
    I tried unsuccessfully for several weeks to play home movies from USB on my late 2016 Bravia 55” smart (?)/Android TV. The same USB drive worked perfectly on a small Samsung in a spare bedroom. My USB devices were formatted as FAT32. Movie files were all less than 2Gb and were in formats listed by Sony as acceptable (mostly mp4).
    I took my USB device to the retailer where I bought the TV (PC World, Milton Keynes, UK). They could not get my USB device to work with a single Sony TV in their store. Not one. They then tested the same USB device with Samsung and LG TVs which worked perfectly. The store’s Sony “expert” could not offer any advice other than resetting my TV to factory specs; this was meaningless as the Sony TVs in the store had the same problem. I called PC World “help” who claimed never to have heard of this problem and offered no solution or useful ideas.
    I created a new 16Gb USB “stick” formatted as ExFat. That worked!!!!! I then reformated a 2Tb external drive as ExFat. That would not work. I reformated the 2Tb drive again using the reformat facility in the TV’s settings menu. The external drive was reformated as Fat32. That worked, but the maximum file size is around 2Gb, not 4Gb as shown in this video. I will next try a 1Tb external drive formatted as ExFat.
    The picture and sound quality (through Sony sound bar) are superb, but the USB experience has left me seriously underwhelmed by Sony. A great deal of time-consuming messing around has been required to get my Sony to read USBs. It is pretty frustrating when other brands work immediately, and quite frankly unacceptable for a top brand like Sony".

  3. Stacy Selsdon

    I get amazon prime channel 5 bbc I player utube and few others never heard of I am still confused had to pay £7.99 for amazon a month got Netflix but can't afford that aswell omg! I'm a dumb dumb

  4. Rohan Abraham

    Can you tell me if it is easy to play movies from a usb? Someone told me that it is difficult to play al type of movie formats from a usb on sony television and much easier on samsung smart tv's.

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