25 Replies to “Sony Bravia 850e 4k Android Smart-Tv Review”

  1. Anthony Jennings

    I'd like to see the TV tuning in television channels. Curious if you can tune it using the Android channels app?

    I'd also like to see how the Harmony app for Harmony hub integrates into the action menu and content bar.

  2. craigr98

    The sound going through an hdmi cable is a lot quieter than if playing directly through the tv, could it be that the hdmi cable is on its way out? You come across this issue before?

  3. Nick ramsdale

    Nice review just bought one today. I'd appreciate a bit more info on exactly how to get the happy chick app on the TV, thanks.
    Only problem with the TV so far for me is that the IR receiver is bottom center and my soundbar blocks it.

  4. beaugator

    Let me tell you all about the 850D//E series TVs. I bought an EBR 65x850D in July of 2016.. The power board failed on day one after 3 hrs of use! I waited over 2 weeks for a replacement power board. Then a couple of months later, the HDMI controller failed on it. Sony replaced the TV with a refurbed 850D. A few more months later and the HDMI controller failed on the replacement set. So, then Sony replaced that with an XBR 65x850E model set. That was last August. Last week, a section of the edge lighting went out. It crashed the 850E and it won't even start up. After several hours of waiting on hold for CS (that's a whole nother story) I finally get through to Int Relations for resolution. All they are willing to do is replace the set with another 850E. Even though they fall under the Magneson-Moss act. They refuse to offer a refund. IMHO Sony is a dishonorable company now and should be avoided at all costs!

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