Sony Bravia | 40 Inch | KLV 40R352C | Unboxing | Review | setup

Sony Bravia KLV 40R352C

This is FullHD (basic)LED TV.
Right now not available in India but if you want to buy you can find it out in below link

Amazon INDIA

My Gear:

USB C cable:

But remember you will not get any warranty if you are in INDIA.
And for that reason, you will get this product chipper than other 40 inch Sony Bravia TV.

However you are from USA UK or Other countries you may get a warranty, I am not sure about that.

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40 Replies to “Sony Bravia | 40 Inch | KLV 40R352C | Unboxing | Review | setup”

  1. Danang Suparmo

    That adapter is one hell of useful feature in my place where the electricity is fluctuating and basically have rainstrom season for the half of the year.
    It protect the tv from fluctuation and it'll sacrifice itself to protect the tv in case of thunderstruck.

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