Sony Boss: 'There's No Scenario Where The PlayStation And Xbox Platforms Combine'

PlayStation Boss Jim Ryan stated that Sony will continue to be fully committed to single player games. Subscribe to ReviewTechUSA for more great content.

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23 Replies to “Sony Boss: 'There's No Scenario Where The PlayStation And Xbox Platforms Combine'”

  1. Jonathan Striker

    "One hand scratches the other. Err.. One back scratches… Or, whatever the saying is."

    ^ I laughed for a good full minute at that, Rich. I have tears in my eyes, because I laughed so hard. Thanks! Lol.


    By the way, I believe you were looking for "one hand washes the other" or "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours"

    One hand shouldn't be scratching the other, unless you have chicken pox or something. Lol.

  2. Tom Simmons

    Good. Microsoft's propensity for buying smaller companies is why I don't like them. I hate them buying all these small independent game companies. I feel in end they'll just shutter them, just like EA has.

  3. W0Y4K

    Man, remember when you would talk about cross platform play back with your friends who had the opposite system from you? It seemed like a pipe dream and now it's reality.

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