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  1. Golden

    GUYS I NEED YOUR HELP. i don't know what happened , my sony Android tv has changed the YOUTUBE SETUP and now looks like a the ROKO'S SETUP FOR YOUTUBE. WHAT I AM SAYING IS ITS DIFFERENT THAN BEFORE. my mom TURN ON THE TV and she said it looked different than usual (MY MOM IS GOOD WITH TECH , SO ITS NOT HER FAULT).youtube looked dark and it made these ANNOYING WERID SOUNDS, IT LOOKED THE ROCKU'S YOUTUBE SETUP. The TV ONLY changed the YOUTUBE APP (NOTHING ELSE the tv changed)

  2. sid matthews

    just like that "russsians using pencil in space "joke, wouldn't it have been wise for a mass market dependent electronics major sony to gamble their money on an android powered set top box instead? (especially now that india has millions of freedish, uk having freesat freeview users).But instead they chose to build a laggy superexpensive tv.i can assemble myself an htpc that can kick ur ass at a fraction of the cost ur charging.So please build a good 4k display with superfast response time.that way you can lure both pc and tv users.


    Hello friends, I purchased Model XBR-49X700D, Android TV I believe it is the latest. I am having trouble and I need help. To set up the account I bypassed that first screen that asked if I wanted to set it, so I went to the standard set up…a few screens later it asks for my gmail account, I put it in but it doesn't recognize my gmail acct. I have not see any presentations, but I know the set up process is missing something I don''t know what. help please I am in the U.S.

  4. Kovačević Dobrina

    Don't waste your money. Very unreliable. You could be saddled with sound lag problems that are un fixable as well as wifi glitches, faulty remotes and shaky internet connections. I have great internet here but this tv decides to dump the signal and I have to reprogram everything to reconnect.

  5. Mark Angelo Perdido

    Is it possible if you open the tv and its automatically go to analog cable and just watch only?? Or it is possible to bypass the android home..What i was saying is if i open the tv its automatically watch via cable… Please reply..

  6. James Chua

    that was an awkward demo.. haha.. probably they put the same hardware like the normal full HD there which make it lags coz this one is 4k and it is a common sense that you need a better GPU there.

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