Sony A8H OLED 4k TV Review (2020) – A great improvement, but is it enough?

Sony has released their new entry-level OLED, the A8H. It’s a great improvement over last year’s model, the Sony A8G, but is it good enough to beat out the competition?

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Model tested: 55” (XBR-55A8H)
Should also be valid for the 65” (XBR-65A8H)

Sony A8G review:

LG CX review:

Samsung Q90T

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00:00 Intro
00:57 Design
02:04 Inputs
02:55 Picture Quality
03:01 Contrast
03:31 Viewing Angle
04:05 Uniformity
04:58 Reflections
05:23 Peak Brightness
06:42 Color Volume & Gamut
07:07 Calibration
07:25 Burn-In
07:44 Motion
07:49 Response Time
08:35 Black Frame Insertion
09:01 Input Lag
09:26 VRR and Supported Resolutions
09:56 Sound
10:22 Smart Features
10:49 Overall
11:34 Conclusion

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44 Replies to “Sony A8H OLED 4k TV Review (2020) – A great improvement, but is it enough?”


    We’ve retested the A8H and have been able to force a 1440p @ 60Hz resolution from our Xbox One S, but it still isn’t exposed in the EDID and when forced from a PC the TV information shows the signal is upscaled to 4k instead. 1440p @ 120Hz also doesn’t work, as every second frame is skipped.

  2. Kris

    Anyone know how to completely get rid of input lag? My ps4 controller with this tv isn’t precise as much as with my old led sony tv…Whether I look up or down or side to side…it’s still a little behind. Is it the tv? Thanks

  3. Greg Crezee

    What a great video. As great as the Sony and LG Oleds are. Being across the pond in 2019. I grabbed the king of oled , The Panasonic GZ2000. I'm lucky in the fact that I paid half the retail cost, because of the business I'm in. I'd… never pay that kind of money for any tv, period! Why does Panasonic not send at least 1 of there oleds in both 55 and 65 here to the states? Maybe you have some thoughts on this. Once again, glad I found your channel. Keep up the great work!

  4. PIGG Radio

    Hello Brandon. First time seeing you on Rtings, but your review was terrific and I really enjoyed your presentation style. You are a natural, very easy to watch and listen to. Hope you have a successful career as a tester, reviewer and host. Cheers and thanks for the helpful review.

  5. Jev55

    Does anyone have experience with this TV and PWM flickering issues? I know the review said this tv doesn't use PWM but that it has a slight dip in brightness every 8ms which I'm assuming would cause a flicker. Has anyone had any migraine or eye strain issues with this TV? Thanks.

  6. Chris Greene

    I just got the A8h a couple day ago, I’m impressed! I have a Dolby atmos sound bar but, I can’t use it because I can’t figure out how to adjust the stand. It’s making every 😡 Can you help?

  7. Proteini Outlet

    Hello, I have a question regarding the Sony A8H. It says it it's specs that it has Triluminos display. And when I looked what that is, what I found is that it is sort of a quantum dot filter for colour enhancement. So can we say that Sony basically already has QD OLED? Because as far as I was aware QD OLEDs are scheduled to be released in 2021.

  8. D M

    For dark rooms: OLED is king. Every other purpose: LCD/LED is king (unless you like the over saturated looks of QLED).

    Skipped the OLED, since I watch sports do gaming, and watch tons of YouTube videos, and the risk of burn-in is not worth it. It were covered by standard warranties, I would go for it. Manufacturers aren’t stupid.

  9. Mike I

    Still waiting for OLEDs that can hit 1k nits(might not be possible with current tech). OLED picture quality is great, but I miss the impressive spectral highlights in HDR, that I have on my qled. My 2018 Vizio PQ can hit over 2k nits and has as good or better color. Yes, leds have their own issues, but they are currently more impressive with HDR movies to me, non HDR, OLED is better. Disappointed in the TVs over the last couple years. Waiting till 2021 to see if there is anything that is actually a real step up in picture quality, from the TVs of the past few years.

  10. Justin Manolache

    using my tv for 60% movies 40% games please advice
    I like LG like for LG
    2.1hdmi, nvidia, market leader in panels
    I like Sony comment for Sony
    movie experience, android, sound
    Still a tough decision as I am planing to buy a Xbox Series X and my first 55" OLED, if own one your advice will be much appreciated please
    Thank you

  11. Karamjeet Singh

    Hi guys , i am from india . Please le me know which 55" oled tv is better for watching movies, cricket and streaming contents i am very confused between 4 models . ( Gaming is not an issue , want for best cinematic experience , which tv has better upscaling & also help me out ( which tv has best sound , i dt want soundbar or home theatre)

    SONY A8H
    SONY A8G
    LG C9
    LG B9

    Thanks 👍

  12. sal

    I just wanna ask why the pixel image on monitors looks so different compare to TVs ? I mean in your tests every monitor pixels shape looks so blurry but when comes to TVs it looks so sharp so what is the reasons ?

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