Sony A8F Series OLED TV – XBR65A8F

In this video we take an in-depth look at the Sony A8F series OLED TV. This has one of the most stunning pictures we’ve ever seen. For more details or to place an order please contact our experts at 800-860-3736 or click on the links below.

65 inch XBR65A8F:

55 inch XBR55A8F:

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45 Replies to “Sony A8F Series OLED TV – XBR65A8F”

  1. AliIsLost

    Hey man recently bought a A8F and I'm having one problem. Whenever I go on YouTube and put on 4K videos in 60fps the video lags like crazy. This only happens on YouTube, 4k videos on Amazon prime and Netflix work perfectly fine, although that may be because they aren't in 60fps?. I have another 4K TV in the house (LG) and whenever I play the same 4K 60fps videos on that TV there is absolutely no lag; this is how I know it is not an internet connection problem as both the Sony and the LG are connected to the same Wifi. Would love to know what you think may be the problem, and if you have experienced this same issue with the A8F ? Thanks.

  2. ds99

    I know there was an issue with the XBR65A1E where some people experienced grey horizontal lines across the screen shortly after buying the TV. Sony has apparently corrected this issue with the A8F. Something to consider if you are planning to buy one and you think the A1E and A8F are the same. There have been at least one behind the scenes improvement.

  3. Tareq ALHENNAWI

    i got an offre for the LG 65" C8 brande new with its sound bar SK9Y brand new for 2400€ ( about 2700$) but i still hesitate desiring the Sony OLED 65" AF8 witch keeps always its high brice of 3500€ . does it really worth 1100€ extra this Sony face to the LG C8 ?

  4. Patrick M

    No offence, this the exact TV as the A1 in fact Sony still consider A1 as there flagship TV. Saying this TV will get close to the wall if you mount, I say no because the back of this TV is massive.
    So it is a pass for me, if you want a great TV wait for LG or if you don't like screen burning buy Q9FN or Q8FN

  5. gorillapancake

    Hey Carl, Are you 100% positive this is a new generation panel? I've heard that LG didn't upgrade the 2017 panel this year. Plus, it's the same X1 Extreme processor from last year. Can you check if it has the near-black banding that all 2017 OLED panels had? Thanks.

  6. seb160974

    I think i get Problems with my Cables. They are thick. Is there Reallly enough space to do it? 4 thick HDMI Cables. I will do it on a Sideboard and you will see the backsight. Or is it only possible if you let the backside open? Thats not very nice but i think i will get problems. Whats your opinion? Sorry for my bad english…

  7. toobalkain

    It takes acrobatic skills to install a 65” OLED. It’s surprisingly light but you’re not supposed to touch the screen with your hands and it’s a bit of a challenge balancing it without a grip. Two people can do it but even then it might be a good idea to have two foldable handles on the back.

  8. SuaveLlaveBlog

    It's literally the A1E except not on a impractical angle. No new image processing, no enhanced brightness, no extra RAM to make the interface run smoother. It's just standing upright. But hey, pay MSRP.

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