Sony A1 vs Panasonic 2017 OLED TV Comparison!

We compare the picture quality between the Sony A1 (also marketed as the Bravia A1E in the USA) versus the Panasonic EZ1002 (known as EZ1000 elsewhere in Europe) 2017 OLED TVs.

Each OLED TV has been calibrated for both SDR (standard dynamic range) and HDR (high dynamic range) to the common standards used within the film and broadcast industry.

Aspects compared include above-black handling, video processing, colour accuracy, motion, HDR and input lag.

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49 Replies to “Sony A1 vs Panasonic 2017 OLED TV Comparison!”

  1. The 486 Man

    I wish that Japanese brands still were sold more commonly in shops, sadly they are being overtaken by mainly crappy built products. The first flat screen we brought was a Panasonic 42 inch plasma in 06 and it still works flawlessly and has a crystal clear picture.

  2. Douglas

    I viewed a Sony OLED yesterday, the one you are reviewing. i currently still own a pioneer elite plasma television that does not have the blue hue and motion problems these tvs have. these tvs are brighter and unrealistically over the top contrast but when one goes to the movies, its not that bright and does not look like these TV's. Plasma actually looks like film as opposed to these OLED tvs. Needless to say I was still disappointed that there is still not a TV that makes it worth it to purchase yet. How long do I need to wait? lol

  3. Jacky Wickzzz

    Hi i love your review. I just bought the Ez950s in Singapore. The first few days it worked perfectly but strangely on the fourth day one black line start to appear across the screen horizontally. It not there permanently but it will just appear every few mins and it will last for a few secs. Any advice??

  4. JoJo The YuMan

    I wonder how they compare after sony's update of the firmware lowering the peak brightness a bit to preserve image detail. Also the dolby vision update and price make the Sony a1 win this competition imho.. differences are mostly in the little details nevertheless and both are amazing tv's

  5. Denoneer

    As a photographer, watching this video in motion, the Panasonic looks brighter but, in turn, has it's highlights blown in nearly every scene compared to the Sony. If this were a panel used for editing, then the Sony would win due to the more realistic clipping level previews.

  6. buddychrist5

    Sony A1 supporting both HDR and Dolbyvision with firmware update vs Panasonic only HDR………..Sony wins, period. <- actual period xD. Also, this is fake right? 1500 for 55 sony A1 OLED As the saying goes if its too good to be true it usually is?

  7. Kemal Unverdi

    For motion blur, why not insert faded frames to approximate impulse based displays? I don't think frame interpolation or black frame insertion are good ideas. Inserting faded frames should give the best possible approximation of a CRT or plasma type response. Do you agree?

  8. WhippetOut

    I viewed both of these in John Lewis over the weekend. I’ve never had any TV that isn’t a Sony, and that’s what I leaned towards. But it was around £800 pricier than the Pano, and as I have a surround sound system (Sony, again), I wondered whether the sound system on the Sony was worth the extra! I’m still a bit torn as I love Sony, but was impressed with the Pano. Sorry – rambling!

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