Sonoff: $5 Smart Switch! Works with Smartthings!

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smartthings hub:
FTDI adapter:
I had one laying around
link here:
jumper wires:
helping hands:
soldering kit:
sonoff 2pk;

Sonoff from ITEAD ($4.85 without shipping as of upload date) –

Sonoff from BANGGOOD (best value* as of 3/27/17 $5.68 with free shipping) –

Sonoff on tomtop ($7.59 with free shipping as of upload date):

ESP easy firmware:

Firmware image (to place in same folder as above after extraction):

CMD to run:
(with %comport% replaced with your own comport number of the FTDI adapter i.e. COM5)

esptool.exe -vv -cd nodemcu -cb 115200 -cp COM%comport% -ca 0x00000 -cf Sonoff.ino.generic.bin

Smartthings IDE link:

Device Handler:


Eric’s Website:

Sonoff Smartthings community link:

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42 Replies to “Sonoff: $5 Smart Switch! Works with Smartthings!”

  1. Piermaria

    To anyone having no WiFi AP after correctly flashing the devices, please refer to the last comment on the SmartThings community. The link is in the video description up here.Scroll all the way down to last comment made by Eric himself, if you flash using nodeMCU with the correct configuration you should resurrect your sonoffs.

  2. Luis Vega

    Hi! I'm from Mexico City… how much do you charge me for install everything in my house… I have Alexa, sonos, sonoff, Harmony, Smart things, smart life, and actiontiles. But not connected correctly… Can you help me coming to my house and install everything??

  3. Keyur Bhatnagar

    Hi! thanks for the video. I have sonoff basics and they are about an year old. I am able to flash the firmware following the video but then my sonoff dies. No LED, no WiFi. I am not able to figure what's wrong with this.
    Any ideas?

  4. SayAndre

    So I could need a lot help here.
    I have a Philips Hue Bridge + Bulps which should be no issue to connect it with Action Tiles right?
    But I also have like 6 Sonoff Switches. So do I have to buy a SmartThings HUB + Do all that crazy stuff in this video to get it working with Action Tiles?

  5. David Farrell

    Anyone know if this firmware works with dual or 4ch sonoff ? If not is there one that will connect them to ST. Thanks for the video, have 6 1ch sonoffs working with ST no issue…

  6. L Esc

    All worked like a champ but when I got back to Smart Thing App in the mob device, it did not discover the device. It scanned for ever but no luck

  7. Tien Lanny

    I'm only just dipping my toes in the ocean of Smart Home capabilities but so far, this Hub has been fantastic.>>>    I really haven't had to interact with it at all since I set it up and paired all the components to it – which is probably the highest praise I could give! The app is *very easy to use and navigate intuitively without any fuss.*

  8. Alex Alvarez

    Taylor. Thank you so much for these videos. Very intuitive. I have successfully flashed the T1 US 1 gang switch. But having problems with the 2 gang. I was told to flash using the sonoff 4ch switch bin and handler. I have completed that successfully, only problem is that relay 2 will not stay on. After I press the touchpad or use the app, relay 2 turns on for 20seconds then shuts off. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  9. Bradley Worch

    I put a sonoff basic and the cube in SmartThings tonight and for about 3 hours so far it is stuck on checking status. Any idea what might be the issue. I didn’t flash tasmota on the sonoff. Also I couldn’t get the it ID for the cube, but I did for the sonoff. The device handlers and apps are loaded. Thanks.

  10. Karl Laun

    All worked great until I attached the switch to a load (ceiling fan). Configured correctly in SmartThings, and switched on and off repeatedly on my bench . After connecting to the fan, it worked for one on/off cycle then no response. SmartThings shows extended “turning on/off” notifications (module not responding). Same results for two different Sonoffs. Suggestions?

  11. Craig Nadler

    Good evening, I just noticed a strange issue with all my Sonoff Wifi Switches flashed for use with SmartThings. They have all been working fantastic for over a year, but today I noticed on my iPhone SmartThings app that all of the sonoff switches are now showing up on the app as Tiles Missing. Previously they all showed up fine. I also noticed that the aurilux controller that I flashed using your other video to control my LED light strip is doing the same thing. They all look fine in the SmartThings IDE and if you click on the tiles missing icon it shows the correct name but if you click on configure it says error fetching device, please try again. My amazon echo is paired with smartthings and still works fine controlling the light strip as well as my 9 sonoff switches. I tried removing and reading them to ST and no change. I reinstalled the app, no change. I also redid the device driver in the ST IDE and there was no change. I also tried another IOS device and it's doing the same thing. Has anyone else seen this with theirs or is it just me having this issue. Not sure if this happened with the latest ST app update on my iPhone. I can no longer control these devices in ST, yet the smartapp detects them fine. Very strange.

  12. Subbu Chandrasekaran

    Hi Guys, thanks for all the tips to enable wifi from sonoff. I tried it through nodeMCU. worked like magic. However, after enabling device handler and the smartapps, smartthings is not able to discover sonoff device.

    If I add the device manually, smartthings is still not able to control the device.

    Any help is appreciated.

  13. Sonny Gallagher

    I have tried for 2 days to flash my Sonoff Basic, It was flashed literally a dozen times, without success, first no AP, then i got the AP but it would not save the Wifi details
    this worked for me using the NODEMCU FIRMWARE PROGRAMMER and loading the Sonoff.ino.generic.bin file into it. Thank you very much !! Im HOPING as its a generic.bin file i will be able to flash my Sonoff SV.

  14. Andrea Mitchell

    hello Drew i am new to ST, i have done the h801 flash on 5 h801's so far and it is working great but i am wondering if i can use this FW and smart things with the sonoff to use my sonoffs in a 3 way switch setup ,2 sonoff's for 3 way switch ,
    i am looking to get these 3d printed in wall light switch housings for them that use the button on the sonoff a sa switch , one sonoff would connect to the minas an the load
    and the other would just connect to mains and be used basically as a wired transmitter
    so would i be able to set up the rules in the IDE/device handler to make the 2 act as a 3 way switch so that i can turn my front light on/off from , either 2 sonoff's button or the app or other ST input like proximity , PIR ,etc so it always known what the state is no matter what i use to switch the light?

  15. Mike Vidal

    Hi any way to get a device handler script for a unmodified espeasy firmware 2.0. I need to set internal rules. want sonoff basic to communicate to each other directly though the rules section. The modded bin you made does not have rules in it. Thanks

  16. Daniel Jafari

    Can anyone help me figure out why the devices won't show up in discovery mode of Samsung ST? I can control them by using the web IP address, but they just won't show up. I tried the manual way to no avail.

  17. liem dam

    anyone had trouble getting alexa to discover sonoff from smartthings, i was able to get google home to detect my sonoff from smartthings but alexa can't seem to find it

  18. bmbertges

    I think you should worn people on the video that this may ruin your devices. I'm not that tech handy and now I have to try and reflash with some other software. Hopefully i can figure the other one out with no video help. Thanks

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