SNES Mini – Yoshi’s Island Gameplay

For the first time ever the original SNES version of Yoshi’s Island has been re-released thanks to the SNES Classic! Check out how it has transferred as well as the Rewind feature of the console!

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36 Replies to “SNES Mini – Yoshi’s Island Gameplay”

  1. Jason Brookes.

    Sooooooo good… and it still looks amazing. Because of the DSP chip in the cart this game is a technical tour de force.. sprites rotate and scale, the multi-parallax scrolling is sublime and there can be so much going on at once… it's just a beautiful and hardware-intensive game that the basic SNES simply could not have coped with. Kudos to Nintendo for emulating these hardware assisted titles in the SNES mini (although shame Pilotwings wasn't included!).

  2. tdog

    I played my aunt's Super Nintendo years ago when I was a kid and one day I got my own Super Nintendo. It was the US version of the Super Famicom and by that I mean the system was smaller and the colors on the controller were red, blue, yellow and green and not gray and purple. The game I got with it was Yoshi's Island. This still holds a place in my heart and even though the gba port is cool, it's not as memorable as the original minus the altered soundtrack and sounds you hear from Yoshi. Lol

  3. Michael Padilla

    when i listen to the soundtrack to Yoshi's Island, and DK:C I literally shed tears. I guess it reminds me of the time i would play countless hours as a kid. Personally my favorite game of all time. Cannot wait to pick this up on friday!

  4. Ari Cruz

    I don't like how the snes classic games have gaps on the screen on top and bottom it could of been filled like the NES Classic. I'm also probably the only one that doesn't like the frames, is very nice but I will rather stick with black borders.

  5. NintendoSonyfreak2011

    Omg funny enough 22 years later way back when in was about 7or 8 years old as a 90s kid when I still had Sony ps1 and ps2 3 years later in 2000 I still do own about 24 original SNES game cartridges for the oringinal super Nintendo system and I still the original console granted this one has them all built in and it does save state's lucky

  6. Christian Mejia

    I only played the gba version and didn't know it was originally a Snes title. The colors seem much more vivid, and the sounds effects and music are completely different. The sounds lack the echo of the gba version so it ends up sounding… idk.. monotonish.

  7. BigGuyZee

    EEEEEK! I think I'm gonna cry. :'-) This game is one of the main reasons I pre-ordered a SNES Mini. My first online purchase was the GBA version of Yoshi's Island, I can't wait to play it the way God/Nature/The Universe intended (especially seeing the true effects of the 'Touch Fuzzy, get dizzy' level).

  8. Preston Anderson

    This is one of the best games from my childhood but I'm 14 haha i only had a super nintendo until i was 5 then i got a ps2 but i didn't really play it alot i have great moment's with me and my dad playing this game and the final boss music have to be one of the best of all time

  9. Streek471

    Yoshi's Island shares its spot with Mega Man X as the two games that made me love games. Some of my earliest memories are with the SNES original of this, and the GBA version, while…fine I guess, is inferior. Nice to see this getting the re-release on the SNES Classic, will be nice to be able to play without having to hook my original SNES up to my CRT.

  10. Alex Tritt

    This is one of the games I'm looking forward to replaying on the SNES mini. I've only played the game boy advance remake on the virtual console so far so it will be nice to see the original.

  11. JacobPea

    Fun fact, this is the first time we are seeing this version of the game since the SNES. All official ports and emulations have been of the Game Boy Advanced remake.

  12. Medachod

    Still waiting on a Virtual Console release. Come on, Nintendo, everyone bought your newest console for a reason. They don't want to have to buy something separate for your old games.

    And if that really has to be the case, at least put them all (NES, SNES, N64, etc.) on one ultimate "Classics" system after you're satisfied with these individual releases. And be sure to add netplay.

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