SNES Mini RGB Mod Installation

This video outlines the general process of installing my SNESRGB kit into a SNES Mini. I demonstrate a variety of technique’s that you can add to your soldering arsenal to turn out great work for your own body’s.

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25 Replies to “SNES Mini RGB Mod Installation”

  1. Pablo Rivera

    I want to get good component signal in my snes 1chip, but I live in Chile and I can't go with rgb/scart, so can I use this mod to get work with component and trying to get the most good signal as possible? Best regards and good job man!

  2. Kei _

    I am new to your channel, I noticed you like to rage how others do not do so pretty mods, but by doing your astetics, you forgot something. I noticed u dragged rgb signal right across the board, on top of many other signals. Your rgb signal is without shielding, if you do everything for a quality, you completely forgot that video cables can pick noice from other magnetic fields, usually small ghosting happens.

  3. Harry Rathien

    I know this is an old video, but thank you for posting the part about reversing the screws before tightening. I can't tell you how many consoles i've opened with missing screws due to stripped threads.

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