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SNESsing it up on SNES boulevard with Nintendo’s latest tiny baby. It’s a Super Nintendo Entertainment System with a few built-in games and proper decent controllers. Any chance of an N64 one next, Ninty? (Although if it doesn’t have Blast Corps on it I’ll cry for a week.)

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  1. GameboyAdvance 32

    Maybe it's just cause I'm used to the American SNES, but the Japanese and PAL SNES's always looked kinda weird to me. IDK, the rounded shape and rainbow buttons just kinda look off, and I prefer the angles of the American one. Don't get me wrong, I think they both look good, but I'd have to give the edge to the American one. Besides, concave X & Y. They're beautiful

  2. Masta Biz

    I do not regret getting this. I waited 9 months to get this and receiving it as a late birthday present wasn’t a problem. It’s portable and it’s great. The games are amazing.

  3. Xander Vampire

    No AC adapter? How the hell do they expect anyone to be able to play the thing when they can't even get electricity into it to turn it on? Oh wait, they're selling the adaptor separately for around £20. Yeah, fuck that. I know that you can plug it into your TV if it has a USB port or use an adaptor from a mobile phone but that doesn't really help much. I'm not some rich arsehole with a fancy TV, the ability to buy new phones regularly enough to collect spare adaptors or enough money to waste it on something that should have been included in the first place. That's like buying a set of kitchen knives then having them say "ok, that's the handles but if you want blades so you can actually use the things, I'm gonna need more money." Honestly, do Nintendo think their customers have arses lined with diamonds or something?

  4. maccyknife1

    I managed to get my hand on one of the American ones, it's fun to play casually, but I was a Sega kid growing up, It was a gift from my mom, and I only had 3 games for it… never was allowed much time playing video games at home anyway. I did have a friend that had a SNES and I got to play it… barely, because he was one of those kids that wouldn't let ANYONE touch ANY of his stuff… got quite boring to go to his house after a while… But I'm super happy I got it anyway.

  5. Walter Comunello

    I find absolutely remarkable the fact that you do almost no editing in your videos, yet they still are so interesting. And that tiny amount of editing is perfect. Stuart Ashen is a demonstration of the principle that says that a good youtuber does not need bells or whistles. Just a sofa and a camera.

    Honestly, I do hope you don't get poisoned by the stuff you make yourself swallow from time to time.

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