29 Replies to “SNES Longplay [406] Tuff E Nuff”

  1. Grappler Gray

    Syoh is without a doubt, a forgotten hero of fighting games. Well at least by most, I haven't forgotten about him or Kotono and Vortz…and bald Ken Masters I mean Zazi. Dead Dance depicts him as tough but a compassionate and caring gentleman. Syoh and Ryu from Street Fighter are my two favorite characters.

  2. fireheartis1

    I think the name of this game is what made it fail in the U.S.A. Plus I have always thought the ending could be way better than it was. Either way it is a great game and very underrated.

  3. David Hill

    Like Rival Turf!, Brawl Brothers, Cybernator, and Final Fantasy IV on the SNES, Tuff E Nuff was butchered in the localization process. Play the Japanese version (Dead Dance) instead.

  4. stephenmartinez1

    I loved this game as a kid, the music is awesome with just one complaint: there's no training, guide or move list and as a kid it drove me absolutely crazy not knowing and trying to figure out how to do the ranged moves and such.

  5. Wisdom Moalusi

    I may not play or heard of this game but this fighting game looks o.k. too bad it doesn't play better like Capcom's street fighter series because ever since the success of Capcom's street fighter all video game companies wanted to make there own fighting game inspired by Capcom's street fighter. But atleast jaleco along with snk and other video game companies try to make a decent fighting atleast while Capcom's street fighter will stay being memorial hahaha great video.

  6. UltimaKeyMaster

    "Hey, I like how Street Fighter had easily-readable horizontal health bars."
    "We'd probably get a lawsuit for how similar our game is, just make the bars vertical to look different."

  7. CartoonNerdDude

    Just imagine someone trying to buy this from looking at the box art.

    Customer: "yes, I'd like to rent 'Hey Punk! Are You Tuff E Nuff? Master The Moves To Master Me!"

    Worker: "I don't understand… are you coming onto me?"

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