SNES Longplay [330] Zool

Played by: Mad-Matt

SNES port of the Amiga original game Zool. Longplayed to compare with Amiga and mega drive versions. Again, the longplay could have been a lot shorter, but I went looking for any hidden areas and collectables to show.

First thing to notice is the lower screen resolution compared with other versions. Fake transparency isnt used in this versionThis makes it more difficult from the start as you have less time to see oncoming enemies. Also, the level design is different from both amiga and genesis versions with more spike hazards to jump into and some unkillable enemies. Another note is that plant world comes before carnival world. Just to add to the difficulty, the collision detection is way off making the boss stages harder then they should be as you cant easily jump over them in this version. Also, not all levels feature the big super score collectables.

The bonus levels I found twice, but i may have missed some. In this version you find a tiny little S (Super?) collectable and then get to play bonus level at the end of the current level. The piano puzzle in world 2-4 differs again from the other versions. You can find a keyboard collectible with the notes to unlock aload of lives. It may unlock a bonus level, but I dont know for sure.

As a final note, plant world seems to use music similar to the egyption world in Amiga Zool 2. Again the music in this game is well produced and very recognisable compared with the Amiga originals.

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  1. mrnewton86

    I had the Amiga Version back in the day, the SNES/Megadrive versions look so much smoother in comparison. The Amiga version had this copyright protection wheel thing inside the box too and you'd be fucked if you lost it (well, not really, you'd just have to mail order another)
    I love it how Zool sounds like a duck when he gets hurt

  2. Luminous

    Thanks for putting this video up. It saved my Let's Play of this game cos I was stuck on 2-4 and didn't know that you had to be standing up against the wall to break it.

  3. TXF

    Ya know. This game is a lot of fun. Except onnnnnne part. 2-1. Why in the fuck is there a random wall that looks the same as every other wall that you HAVE to break in order to finish the level? With no indication as to even having the ability to break walls? And to top that, just shooting the wall doesn't work, you have to be right next to it. So you can't even accidentally break it by screwing around. Wtf.

  4. Pedro Gordinho

    This is just my opinion of course but I think this character had so much potential and the creators went for a "sonic" kind of game, running fast, and I don't like games like that very much. Its a very colorful game and zool rocks but the game itself could be better. Maybe they could do a new version for todays systems but going for a little different kind of game.

  5. Daniel Cordell

    I just noticed something whilst watching the musics could actually have lost a band in transit also the drum layers in some of the ported tracks only have some of the drums in them and the rest are lost in transit.

    Well the stage with the Green music is what makes me feel that as well as the intro even.

  6. Daniel Cordell

    There is one little favor this version brings and thats the abilty to climb and flip on the walls which you could do that in the real game but thats all I put in favor of the fake versions.

    Must give it a watch how and stop rabbiting.

  7. Daniel Cordell

    Zool 1/1/2, 3 or fake arse Zool 1 whatever you prefer to call it I feel is good enough to not be dubbed with the label of shit but nowhere near as good as the real game #1. It seems to be these fake versions that most people have played not the real game so people tend to sniff their nose at the Zool series when it's not even the real Zool series.

    Theres also a 4, 5 & 6 or more fake bootleg #1s whatever you prefer to call them though as the MS, MD, and Gameboy Green are also very different.

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